Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yo Ho Ho, Here's Yer Treasure

It's Talk Like a Pirate Day. I haven't participated nearly enough. I promise to have pirate themed dreams to make up for it.

Mmmmm, pirate themed dreams.

In all the excitement over a hot shower and those tickets to Young Frankenstein (Woo Hoo!) I forgot to record my spending. Oopsie daisy.

2 Tickets to Young Frankenstein (for which I think I will be reimbursed when I cash in on a Christmas present): $183
Pet food ($15 of which was for Pony Express so I was reimbursed): $30.25

Total: $213.25


  1. We talked it up at the salon today. HI sterical is what that was!! Did you meet Deanna? quite girl dark hair Pennsylvania? To her her try the piratespeak, and turn it, crazily enough, into a warped version of Aussie was well worth the many hours spent w/o clients today! pirate dreams......i'm right there with ya sis.

  2. I did meet Deanna. She's lovely! I can totally hear her pirating it up over there.