Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ever Done Brothers?

The Wahlberg brothers are way more popular than I thought. I got so many comments about them. It also turns out I know someone who was such a NKotB fan that she won a cruise with the group when she was in high school. They're good Boston boys so I am obligated to love them but they do have some substance. It's been a little disheartening for me to watch Entourage this fall and see the fictional Donnie portrayed as such a high violence, low intelligence boob. Mark, who was never my favorite, has the slight religious nutjobbery going for him now, too, which is a big check in the ick column for me. However, at Chili's kind request (I love the requests and she loves me) I give you this as tribute to all that is good within these boys.


  1. I was obsessed with NKOTB (give me a break- I was 11 years old) and Donnie was my most favorite. I almost shit when I saw him in the Sixth Sense.

  2. Are you trying to get me to cheat on my secret boyfriends?

  3. I DO love you! (sorry; what's NKotB?)

  4. Mrs. G. I am. How'm I doing?

    Chili, New Kids on the Block. Clearly you weren't a fan. :)

  5. Mark makes me weak.
    He has come a long way from the tighty whities although if he hadn't done anything since than I would still remember him for that. Bad boy enough for me!

    I didn't know he was a big religious man.
    I thought he was from the hood and all ex gangster like.
    One of the made boys.

    His Actor's Studio was fantastic.

    I enjoy his work very much.
    Shooter was a movie he made a few years back. Stephen Hunter is the author of that particular series of books and I love Bob Lee. He did a great job playing him.
    The Italian Job. OH, let me count the ways I love that movie. Handsome Rob is my other boyfriend! I can't wait for the Brazilian Job.

    Three Kings, Boogie Nights, The Departed... and now I see he is filming The Lovely Bones.

    I think he is great. And I love that he has a whole book dedicated to his penis.

    He has a brother?