Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I'm home. No pain yet and I'm working on heading that off at the pass. Yay for codeine!

I understand that the pictures won't load and there are a lot of them so I will fix that but not right now. There's uh...some swelling. If by some I mean a lot and quite close to my precious eyes. So I'm icing and elevating and watching ridiculous TV and that's probably the plan for the evening. Apparently I require a lot of lidocaine for proper pain prevention and the more they stick the more you puff up.

Oh, 20 stitches. Not a length of 20, it's a depth thing, there are 2 layers but I think that's still pretty impressive. 3 more than my dad's record and he played hockey. I just lay around on the beach without sunscreen.

Thank you all very much for keeping up with the saga and sending all your great juju. Every good thought has helped more than you can know.


  1. EEEK! 20 stitches, huh? Well, bully for breaking Dad's record!

    I'm still vibing for you. Let me know when I can stop - until then, all the good juice I can spare is coming your way.

    By the way - tell Pony THANK YOU for keeping us updated. She truly is STELLAR - I'm glad she's your person.

  2. Always nice to have a Pony.
    Thank you so much for nursing our darling Kizz back to health and taking care of her life!
    Keep chucking the pain pills down the gullet!
    Did you have to go under under? Like all the way or was it just a local?
    I am sure your explain it all when you feel better.
    Noodle has been asking about you since she received the postcard.
    Thank you for saving my ass by the way.
    She is very curious and hopes to meet you very soon.
    New York is a big giant curiousity somewhere over the rainbow to her... even at nine.
    All my lovin!

  3. hi!! I just sent you an email- and then im like-O duh- i should just check the blog!! :)
    Glad you are home and okay.

  4. Yay! You're home and safe. Hope the codeine is working hard. And fast. And long. Maybe we'll call him Cody so it sounds officially dirty.

    Thanks, PE. And I am sure Em & the cats thank you too. They enjoyed dinner tonight.

  5. Anonymous10:04 PM

    i am so glad you are home safe...i was thinking about you this afternoon. i'm relieved to hear it went well. as in, i'm glad it was successful, and that it's over. enjoy the drugs.

  6. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Hope all is well, recovery swift, results positive.
    By the way, I check your blog daily, but don't always comment.

  7. Gert, It was just local, though it was a LOT of local and some people are now wondering if I shouldn't have been transferred to a hospital and put under. I owe Noodle another letter because, while I did NYC proud I did not do NY State proud and ChemE reminded me of a TON of things I left out. Will you re-send me her school addy so I can rectify?

    Jenn, thanks for checking the blog, I'm not really up and about.

    Gerry, I totally get reading and not commenting. I read everybody's stuff but generally only comment once in a while. I'm glad you're out there even when you're keeping quiet.