Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Fixer

I just fixed all the photos from yesterday. There's one that's not posted because it's super gross and PE hasn't even sent it to me yet. She bravely took it when the gauze was off but before the sutures were in. She has said about it: "If it were a kid I didn't have any connection with I'd be fine but when it's someone I care about..." "Yeeeeeaaah, it's pretty deep" "I'm leaving when they get the needle out." Right after she took the gross photo blood started dripping down my face. Whoops.

So, anyway, I'm not going to post the gross pic because I don't have the ability to put things behind a cut (also jump cuts irritate me) but if you're truly curious just shoot me an e-mail (isabeau6 at hotmail dot com) and I'll send it to you personally.

Suture shot will come when I do a bandage change this evening.

Also, Tylenol with codeine isn't as much fun or as useful as I thought it would be.

Also, also, the most comfortable way to keep my head elevated and iced is to go for a walk in the cold.

And also, the swelling is a bit less now, healing is surely happening.

Going back to sleep now.


  1. I got Tylenol with Codeine after Punkin was born. Useless stuff. It seems that my metabolism doesn't recognize the stuff, and I had to have something else / stronger.

    Going to look at pictures now.

  2. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Wow. I hope you recuperate FAST. As someone who bashed in her head TWICE (ok, I was 2 the first time and a klutzy 11-year old falling on the side of the pool the second time), I have two lovely lines on my forehead, which I hide under bangs.

    HEY! Shall we start a cool hats for Kizz a thon? What did the H&M hat look like?

  3. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Hi! Sorry your bean hurts. And you know me, I would love to see the gross pics!
    Can I send you a nice Red Sox knit hat? See how I snuck baseball in there!

  4. The Ty1en01 with code1ne was ok for the first day and then it stopped working altogether. The v1c0d1n is working but not very well. Apparently I have lots of pain.

    The H&M hat was what they call a cadet's hat. Its sort of like a railroad engineer's hat but in solid fabrics. I think the one I liked was a grey cottony sort.

    Any Sox paraphernalia is always appreciated. Without knowing a thing about my surgery an old friend sent me a Lowell tee and a Papelbon "wear the game" bracelet that arrived on Tuesday evening. Brilliant!