Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Good Time Was Had By Me!

There was a lot of champagne consumed at my party on Friday. If you like champagne you should come next year because we'll do it again. I'm blaming the blurry photography on the champagne not on the crappy camera, isn't that refreshing? (I think all but one of these photos was taken by Kath. She is my official party photographer and next year I hope to provide her with better equipment.)
People played the piano! There was much chastisement for not having Christmas sheet music, though, so we could sing along. Anyone know where I can get a hymnal or a book of Christmas favorites on the cheap? I'm definitely going to need to get the piano tuned before next year's party.
If Martha Stewart could see my party she would despair. She'd be wrong, though. I had no whipped cream and no one said anything about it. Lilybainne walked in and said, "Do you have orange juice?" when I said no she said, "Be right back." I didn't realize that for her, and maybe for others, my house is synonymous with mimosas. I made a tradition without even planning on it, how cool is that? I left dirty linens hiding in the tub and nobody noticed that either. My decorative wine cooler? Was the vessel to my crockpot. My outfit? Was anchored by comfy yoga pants and a month-old pedicure. It didn't diminish the fun one iota. I forgot that I'd purchased cider but halfway through the day a discussion of mulled cider ensued and I said, "Wait! I bought cider!" Then Kath requested some mulled cider and the mulling expert, Pony Express, obliged and it was delicious.
The dogs were super good. There was begging and wrassling but also resting and petting and general awesomeness. Can you see the half mast quality to my girl's eyes? She was bushed with all those people to keep track of. The cats turned out to be the star attraction, though. Later in the evening, and much to Audio Girl's delight, they came out and deigned to be petted and made much of. Miss Anna even, at long last, allowed the Audio Girl to pick her up and rock her and mush her and kiss her stinky face. It was an enormous feline break through. Their therapist will be thrilled.
On Thanksgiving Kath praised Alex's clean up skills by saying he was a master dishwasher packer. On Friday he made the mistake of asking if I needed help. I asked for the dishwasher packing skills. He went full service. He cleaned the kitchen, diagnosed my dead external hard drive, played the piano, gave out one of his CDs, remembered to get paid for another and ate enough chocolate pie to satisfy his love of pie. He is awesome and I am thankful that his awesome got all over my kitchen.
I don't think he's flipping off the photographer in that shot but you never know.


  1. YAY! Much happiness! Combined with much champagne! I love it!

  2. This looks like it was a great party. You really can't go wrong with champagne and piano music.

  3. Sorry I missed it...what with the working and all.
    Your hair looks great.
    Bobs are always cute with hats, by the way.

  4. My man is awesome, I must say! And you do indeed now have a tradition on your hands my dear. Next year we will have to try pomegranate mimosas.

  5. Oh I can't wait to have pomegranate mimosas! We'll have to test run then throughout the year to be sure we've perfected them by open house time next year.