Sunday, November 25, 2007

Here's Something I'd Completely Forgotten About

This was Lesterhead's first NaBloPoMo and she accidentally dropped out of the running as of the 24th. Frankly with all she does with her days I don't know how she managed to stay in it that long but she did and there's always next year! Way back at the beginning of this year's adventure she posted a meme I wanted to do so I marked it to come back to and just now got all the way back there.

1. Do you have a tattoo? No. I would really like one but I have both pain and commitment issues.
2. How old are you? 38 for a very short time longer.
3. Are you single or taken? Single but quite taken with myself.
4. Fish? To eat, sure, though preferably shellfish, but to do, not so much.
5. Do you dream in color? Yes.
6. Ever seen a corpse? Yes. Plenty of times. Not a fan of the open casket thank you.
7. Hipsters or Hillbillies? Hillbillies.
8. How did we meet? You were manning a PUPS table at the greenmarket and I stopped by to say hello to Kath.
9. What's your philosophy on life and death? Life is good but please be fully prepared for your death. Anything less is rude.
10. If you could do anything with me, and have no one know, what would it be? I'd ask you to go shopping with me to get an outfit that's far hipper than the rest of my closet.
11. Do you trust the police? Not much.
12. Do you like musicals? So very much yes!
13. What is your fondest memory of me? I loved how Queen of the Evening you were at your CHB anniversary party.
14. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? My complete inability to forgive people who have wronged me.
15. Would you cheat ? Have. I'd like to say I wouldn't again and I really probably wouldn't but...well, never say never.
16. What are you wearing? Oh, I should have read through the meme before I jumped in, shouldn't I? Ankle socks, wool socks, leggings, tank top, old mock neck sweater with too short arms, granny panties. It's what I wore to dance class this morning (with jeans over for the ride there and back) and I haven't quite gotten over it at all.
17. Have you ever peed in a pool? Not that I recall. Rephrase this for other bodies of water, though and...
18. Would you hide evidence for me if I asked you to? Depends on the severity of the crime. Sorry.
19. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together? We don't know each other very well yet, it'd have to be pretty specialized circumstances if we spent your last day together. If we did, though, I can say for sure that we'd do whatever you wanted to do.
20. Which do you prefer - short or long hair? Short.
21. What's your favorite day of the week? Sunday.
22. What's your favorite color? Blue, especially cornflower and midnight.
23. If you could bring back anyone that has passed, who would it be? Oh good lord this is impossible. Er, god, I can't bring myself to do it. The names that are winging through my mind are my grandfather, an old school friend who killed himself, Shakespeare, Chekhov, Martin Luther King, Jr., the Kennedy brothers, wow, there are no women on that list. Mrs. X. Yeah, if I have to choose just one I choose her. How soon can we make that happen?
24. Tell me one interesting/odd fact about you? My hair is so cowlicky that my hair dresser talks about it almost constantly. She often can't cut my hair exactly the way she wants to because the cowlicks dictate otherwise.
25. What was your first impression of me? Very nice, super hip (but not disdainfully so like a lot of people I call hipster), smart, generous.
26. Have you ever done drugs? Couple of gentle inhales but, honestly, that's it.
27. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? Sure!

Thanks for helping me keep up with the NaBloPoMo, I needed the boost.

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  1. High five.
    I didn't make it past "Single and quite taken with myself."