Sunday, November 04, 2007

How About That Time Change, eh?

It's 6:10pm now, just about the time I get home from work on a weekday and it's pitch black out. Whoopee. Nothing like full dark to fully squelch one's motivation. I don't forsee getting a lot done in the evenings in the near future. Not like I'm usually a whirlwind of activity but surprisingly enough it is possible to do less than I do now and I suspect I'll be doing it.

OK, enough whining, somebody turn on another light.


  1. I know, right?? I actually like the time changes...both of them...but it takes me awhile to squelch the urge to hit the bed at 6pm!! it's not black here yet, the sun is setting at 5:45, though.

  2. It's weird. I never really notice these things.

  3. Okay, obviously I am the only one but I love the change.
    Vampire here.
    I like the early dark.
    Its the only thing keeping me together right now.
    I swear. Like glue.

    Who likes walking out of happy hour staring at the sun anyway?

  4. I hate the changes, though I hate the fall one a little less because it takes me less time to acclimate to it. I don't like the dark early thing either but, if you think about it, it would get dark that early eventually ANYWAY - I swear to God/dess there are a couple of weeks in the middle of winter where we only get five hours of light, REGARDLESS of what the clock says...

  5. Oh Rich, you run on pure adrenaline, I'm not surprised that you don't notice this stuff.