Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Forgot One

I also want this shirt. Has there ever been more truth in shirt form*? I think not. I actually don't even so much want to get one just for me but to get a pallet of them and give them out to all of us, don't you think we all need one? Because we are. The best pieces of glassware have little imperfections that make them more interesting, right?

*It might be hard to read at this size. It says "Flawed But Authentic," how smart is Leah?


  1. I want one, too.

    I have a sort of collection of t-shirts that comment on my personality.

    Favorites being: "Cranky" and "Fruitcake"

  2. Is "cranky" emblazoned on a pair of pants? :)

  3. I totally want one.

  4. Just in case you guys haven't read through the info on the page the last day for ordering is this Sun so if you both want one (like me) and can justify purchase (I'm not sure yet) I don't want you to miss the opportunity. If this set sells well she may do another round I just don't know when.