Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm Not Sure I Want a Worm

About 9pm my Thanksgiving groceries were delivered by a lovely young man who was even kind to the pooch. Hold your envy, please, I know I'm lucky to get groceries delivered and I do not ever take it for granted. I got it all unpacked and called ChemE to ask about what to do with butternut squash and about my brown sugar (the only bread I have is in the freezer and I'd like to cook tomorrow, anyone have thoughts on how to remedy my rock of brown sugar?). Then I stood up straight and realized that it's too early to start cooking. Bread? Too early. Pies? Too early. Veggies, definitely too early. My guests come on Friday (the fun starts at 1 and goes on into the evening so feel free to swing by!) so really no one wants pies that have condensation pee all over them.

I was forced to go sit on the couch and play solitaire on the computer for an hour or so. I did chat with BeBe and Quewlkat to confirm their attendance at Friday's open house and entered a couple more addresses on my Christmas card list (e-mail me with requests) but that's about the size of it. After the day I spent cleaning my desk at work and lugging things to the post office (dude, the clerk I had was so nuts) I could use the rest. I think I'm going to get up early tomorrow and hit a floor barre class before I start cooking. Oo, also getting my hair cut and colored (pictures!) tomorrow evening.

Aaaaaand, now I'm officially rambling. Nighty night!


  1. Lacking a piece of bread to soften hard brown sugar, you can try a slice of apple or other hard fruit (pears work if they're a little under ripe) or a quick spin in the microwave (and I mean QUICK - stand there and watch it, do NOT walk away). Failing all of THOSE methods, you can always use a cheese grater to grate the amount you need off the block. There's nothing WRONG with brown sugar that's doing a fossil imitation - it's still perfectly good - it's just a little less cooperative...

  2. Anonymous9:35 PM

    Condensation PEE! Thanks for an image that probably won't leave me for awhile! :-)