Wednesday, November 07, 2007

In which we see the second leg of a cross country trip*

Welcome to another guest post from Miss Rebecca! She moved to Seattle from Brooklyn earlier this fall to further her education and has agreed to occasionally regale us with tales of her adventures. Here's another one!

These stretched across the horizon. I was glad because really, there's nothing to see in Iowa but corn.

The South Dakota Welcome Center- as if anyone needed another reason not to linger. (Ed. note: That sound you hear is me scratching South Dakota off of my list of places to visit.)

You can't read this, but it is one of the many reasons why So Dak sweeps the awards ceremony for billboards, being the hands-down winner in the categories of Sheer Volume, Conservative Propaganda, and the heated Gross Spelling and Grammar Mistakes. This is one of a series, each announcing that Dick's Auto Repair provides free toe service. It should be noted, however, that Iowa received an Honorable Mention for this late entry, "Attention Politicians: Pigs Don't Vote."

This is mere blocks from the Corn Palace, which, having seen the facade, I decided I didn't need to enter. I also declined entry to the Enchanted Doll Museum, but that's because I earned a scolding from the proprietress for my sockless state on a freakishly cold morning. I strongly suspect that I'd have ended up trapped in a glass case with a plaque reading, "Impertinent Miss."

I'm not sure why, but I confess that I have a lingering obsession with oversized fiberglass sculpture.

The Badlands. Not so bad, really. Alien, surreal, and silent.

I had to try really hard not to read too much into this. There was also Crazy Woman Creek, Crazy Woman River...

Montana? Idaho? Who can tell? Montana should be called "The Roadkill State," but I think they must have struggled with finding an appropriate image for the license plates. They could also consider a marketing campaign advertising the live action Meerkat Manor. Idaho, you should know, is the nation's best kept secret...

The obligatory dashboard shot. I couldn't help but think about that Talking Heads song, sitting behind the wheel of a large automobile, asking myself, well, how did I get here? Where does that highway go? My God, what have I done?

Washington is beautiful and dangerous. I don't think I ever had more than a half mile's visibility, whether it be dust, smoke, or fog. This being mid-afternoon, the fog is luminous, giving the effect of sky, until it suddenly lifts to reveal that you're at the foot of a dark and looming mountain.

*Ed note: The second leg was forwarded to me first. A good response here may encourage our intrepid guest blogger to publish the first leg.


  1. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Enjoying the guest blogs, but, as someone who has spent a lot of time in North Eastern Iowa, I have to object to the blogger's characterization of that state.

    I haven't seen much of the rest of the Iowa, but the Scenic Highways of NE Iowa have many VERY beautiful views.

    There's even a great song to listen to while driving through that fair state - Dar Williams's "Iowa (Traveling III)"

  2. Anonymous7:00 PM

    My apologies, Miflohny. Allow me to clarify. I often have the occasion to spend time in the NE corner of Iowa and I will agree wholeheartedly that it is lovely and scenic. I will steadfastly maintain, however, when driving east to west, there is little to disrupt the flatline hypnotic monotony of passing corn rows.

    Kiz, I'm afraid there are no pictures documenting the first leg, though it was a distance traveled three times in two weeks (first by plane, then twice by car). I may have been too busy sulking.

  3. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Apologies accepted. And yes, corn can get very boring.