Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ms. Zelda Pinwheel Starts a New Year

Today is Zelda's birthday. I have no idea how old she is. I know she's older than a bread box, that's about it. And, you know what? It doesn't matter, because I can tell you that she's grown up. She is the true and best definition of a grown up. The past year has been one of enormous change for her, some has felt great, some not so much but all, in my opinion, in the right direction. By this time next year I suspect she'll be well on her way to owning her own home, for instance.
I met Zelda when I moved to Michigan to work for a year. She was the first person to run hell bent to the van to greet me. She was also the first person to back off when she saw how freaked out I was by all those eager beavers. It's like she knew me from the first moment she laid eyes on me.

I can't believe that when she was here a couple of months ago we didn't get any pictures. It's shameful, really. My only excuse is that no one can take good pictures when you're laughing your ass off. In lieu of pictures of the actual birthday girl (who, by the way, is probably right this minute eating the most sinfully delicious cake of which I have ever heard) I have peppered this entry with pictures designed to make my girl happy.

Best wishes for the honoree are welcomed in the comments section. Happy Birthday my beloved friend. When they made you they broke the mold. Fuckers.


  1. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!! You are a part of my soul, dear one. Forever Jilly and Sally. . . and ps, I posted some pics of wasn't that we didn't take any, it was that we were tipsy when we finally did!!!

  2. and ppss, I'm 37 today.
    ain't that some shit?