Sunday, November 18, 2007

Off-season Pretty

I get a peculiar little-sister glee from posting this picture. When I was on tour one of my castmates was seriously grossed out by feet. I used to get a kick out of putting my feet on his chair arm on long drives to freak him out. What can I say? You drive an average of 3 hours a day in a van with the same 2 people for 9 months and we'll see how sane you're able to stay.

This is the pretty World Series winning Red Sox Red pedicure that I got back when I surprised Queen Bee for her birthday. Still looks prety good, huh?

Or do you think feet are gross?


  1. I wasn't really grossed out by feet until I started going to Yoga National Guard.

    I have REALLY cute feet and I make at least a partial effort to take care of them. I keep my nails trimmed and clean (though I don't paint them regularly), I buff away anything dry and flaky, and I put lotion on them every once in a while. Most people, at least in my YNG class, don't. Here I am thinking that, if you KNOW you're going to be barefoot all weekend and you KNOW people are going to see your feet, wouldn't it be a natural thing to, you know, do SOMETHING to make them, if not 'pretty,' at least less troll-like? Maybe it's just me...

  2. I'm 100% feet neutral... it's one of those things I just don't really get.

    Looks good, though!

  3. I am a foot hater.
    My Dad has size 14 feet and his toe nails look like turtle shells.
    He used to pinch me with his toes.
    So after $0.00 dollars in therapy I have figured out that it is his fault.
    I also think that feet are gross because they touch the ground all day.
    Its a #1 dating check list thing.
    Bad feet, no date.

  4. Gert, so you're peeling a guy's boots off in the bar to check out the goods? How the hell do you get to foot-reveal status pre-first date?