Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pointer to the Past

It seems that people are preparing again for a season of Yankee Swaps and White Elephant parties. I get a lot of people poking around here for my post on the rules of the Yankee Swap but it occurs to me that the new readers or the casual NaBloPoMo drop bys might not have noticed my helpful little instruction manual for one of the cruelest tortures that the holiday season has to offer.

Head on over here if you need some help figuring out how to navigate a "friendly" holiday gift exchange.


  1. I'm TOTALLY linking to your post sometime soon - it truly is a classic and an example of some of your best writing ever.

    Oh, and I thought of you this afternoon at the end of this month's installment of Yoga National Guard - the suggestion was made that we have a swap for NEXT month. It's going to be VERY interesting to see how a bunch of enlightenment seekers navigate this little bit of holiday cheer! I see a post in my future...

  2. I'd like to tell you to donate a copy of my post (suitable for framing) to the swap but I suspect that might not be in the spirit. I do hope you're going to bring something from the Weed Woman collection.