Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Since It's Not Christmas Yet It's OK To Be Greedy, Right?

10 Things I Want

1. The Writers' Guild strike to end

2. The Local 1 Strike to end

3. This feather duster

4. A Sun Jar

5. A fancy dancy camera

6. With a big old phallic lens

7. Sports Night, I mean, who wouldn't benefit from Sports Night?

8. Contact lenses

9. Some more big bookcases

10. Whirled peas

Sometimes I find it good to get the greed out in list form before it's time to go gift shopping. What's on your list?

Oh, and bonus item: more plastic bags. Am running woefully low in my high pet count household.


  1. LOVE the sun jar. I'm working on making DVD copies of The West Wing for Chili...I can make Sports Night for you. It would be my pleasure.

  2. I've TOTALLY got your back on the plastic bags, Honey. Check that off your list...

    I love Snob...

  3. Awesome, you guys are AWESOME! Thank you!

  4. You are so on my same wave length! Guess its because I am thinking about you so much and sending you all the good vibrations.... you are getting through on this side honey! Hope I am getting thru on yours.
    I was just thinking that we should start posting wish lists on the blogs for just such special occasions as Birthdays, Christmas and Hey! I think you are grand days.

    1. Russell Crowe movies, I only have one. Romper Stomper, Russell in tighty whities! Sweet.
    2. Great pots for my plants. Small and large, all types.
    3. Magazine subscriptions... The New Yorker, People, Wines and Vines, Winemaker. I long to read!
    4.Everlasting ice cubes. When technology rolls around to them. I like my rum cold!
    5. Any great favorite bottle of wine you long to share. I love trying any kind. Of course I will have more than a try if you buy me a bottle! Or just tell me your favorite and I will get it myself. I need to do a post about what I know about wine, its on the to do list.
    6. Great rocks for my fish tank. Not just any old rock. But pretty ones that are compatible with fresh water fish tanks.
    7. Written Praise. I don't do so well with the verbal compliments but I do love to see myself praised in print.
    8.I would love a terrarium. Martha made one on an episode before she left for prison and I have never been able to get it out of my mind. Tiny plants, looks like a rainforest inside.
    9.Emery boards. I never have enough.
    10. I am fresh out of wants! So surprise me!

  5. And yes, the sunshine in a jar is fantastic!

  6. Sunshine in a jar makes my heart weep a little.

  7. I don't know if you guys know this but I'm afraid of the dark. So sunshine in a jar? Like pure gold to me.

  8. Anonymous2:06 PM

    As long as you're wishing, you should wish for lenses that go with you wished for camera (I don't think Nikons and Canons have the same lens mounts) :-)

    I hope the wish fairy comes through for you!

  9. Oh Miflohny, how long have you known me? Detail oriented I am certainly not. Both the example for the camera and the lens links were products of VERY general google searches just for the purpose of linking to basically what I want. I think I want a digital rebel but I'm not sure, I might want a Nikon or a number of other things. From there the lens will have to come. No idea on that. I wish I had a telephoto to practice with on my film camera first but I don't so, what can you do but dream? In my case very generally. :)