Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wine Dog

While ChemE and I were wandering the city last weekend I took a couple of shots here and there. As I was setting this one up a goofy looking young man leapt in front of the camera and told me I couldn't take a picture.

Whenever I'm taking pictures in public I always assume someone will do something like that, that I'll be in violation of something, so while I was surprised I wasn't very surprised. I did at least have the stones to ask, "I can't take a picture of your dog?"

It was his turn to be surprised. "The dog?"

"Yeah, just the dog."

"Oh, well, OK we don't have a copyright on the dog."

The store is pretty and all but it's just your average wine store. The dog tells the story.


  1. The dog looks SO bored...

  2. or really really drunk on wine

  3. Heh.

    I kind of love that the dog looks bored. He's all (heavy sigh), "Nobody loves me. (heavy sigh) All they want to do is drink wine. No one EVER (sigh) plays with me or loves me or gives me treats. Hmmph." And I love that bored as he is he's calculated his location to be DEAD center of the front door, between the door and any wine at all so people HAVE to notice him. He's a master.

  4. Chardonnay+dog=sleepy. Great pic!

  5. I think this dog is the canine version of Eeyore.

  6. Yeah, he does look like Cam. I think that's what drew my eye to him.