Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You guys

You make me happy. Thanks so much for everything you do for my friends. When you get the middle of the night phone call from a friend it always sucks 'cause something is sucking for them but you're always happy they felt confident they could call you when they needed help. I was so angry on Z's behalf that I thought I wouldn't be able to fall asleep again. However, my natural inclinations prevailed and I did. My first thought when the alarm went off was, "What the fuck? How could this be?"

I've read her brief recap and I've heard her voice which is a huge relief. It's all good. Maybe not perfect but she will prevail. Failure is not an option.

While she was meeting I was in floor barre. Man, I had a good class. I don't know if it was the energy I had from reaching out to her or the fact that it had been less than a week since my last class or just a natural new learning plateau but if I was a superhero today I'd be Example Girl! I had to demonstrate my beautiful feet (she really said that!) and my easy weight distribution and I came to understanding on a number of little pieces of the work. I still don't enjoy doing the work, I don't love the burn or any of that shit but I do enjoy the feeling of mastery, of really getting something physically into my body. It makes me wish that I could afford the time and the money to go to class more than once a week.

Now I'm home and I've got the squash in the oven (thanks for that grating tip Chili, perfect for me!) and the butter softening for the pumpkin chocolate chip cake squares. I think I can knock those out before I go out to walk the dog, drop off some dry cleaning and return something to the hardware store. Then I'm getting my hair cut and colored (pictures to follow) and I'll make the bread tonight. I love the bread part. I realized that the vessel of my crockpot is the perfect size and shape for making the bread. I'm excited by that! Which is silly but simple pleasures, right?

I was inspired by how unfamiliar I am with the inside of squash so I've already started taking some pictures of the process. I'll be a professional food stylist yet!

I hope you're all enjoying your prep. Thanks again for everything.


  1. I'm glad I could help. I've had to use the grating technique myself.

    I'm glad Zelda's okay, too.


  2. I love how so many people are cookin', cookin', cookin'.

    You enjoy your eve, too.

  3. So relieved for Zelda... Should we send her something to bite down on while she is following the rules? Or can she just flip them off in her pocket?