Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Quotes Thus Far

"You dumbass!"
- Auntie Chili on my voicemail after reading that my plan to get home didn't involve calling her for help. Whoops.

"My pockets aren't big enough for this buffet."
- So Divine upon realizing that the Italian bread was too big to hide in her coat pocket.

"One of my goals for this year is to see you more." Then 15 minutes later on the phone. "You need to come back to my house, I forgot to give you something."
- Chili

We went to our regular Christmas lunch place but since it was Sunday there was a buffet brunch. I'll need a whole post to describe the excess of it but I wanted to give you this scene:

ChemE and I sat with Auntie Blanche while the rest of the group hit the buffet line. When Mr. ChemE returned to the table we got into line. We were still a few folk back from the actual food so I surveyed the room and noticed my mother. She was walking around, not even carrying a plate, looking at the food and sampling things straight off the tables. That's vintage Mama Kizz. After her hands on recon she got a plate and made at least 3 trips through the line.

Oh and after So Divine crammed that bread in her pockets Mama Kizz topped it off with some roast beast.


  1. I'm glad you came back (and thanks for bringing Bee!!), but I'm not sure this return visit counts toward my goal - it's not technically "next year" yet - unless you're Gerry, in which case the new year started at the Solstice...

    I do love you so. It did me good to be able to put my arms around you...

  2. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Cool, I am the #1 quote! I'm going to call you names more often! And by the way, you could have told me sooner that you were coming, I would have liked to have a cup of coffee with you. Moron.

  3. Merry Christmas, Kizz!