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I'm way behind in replying to people's comments. I've got them all saved to reply to but now it's been so long I suspect no one is going back to those posts to check on the conversation. Thus, a post full of replies right up here where everyone can see them.

whodoesshethinksheisanyway has left a new comment on your post "Good Morning to Me!":

Great Kizz! Thank's for blowing up my spot! A "marshmallow" huh? And I am usually up around 4ish.. It's my job to wake up the sun! Most of my posts will probably be in the am.
Why, you're welcome! I'm really glad you decided to start your own space and I can't wait to keep reading what you have to say. I will never understand how you manage to get up so early and still function all day long.

Gertrude Jane Kennedy has left a new comment on your post "It's An Obsession, I Know":

With all that I wouldn't get off the couch either.
Well may be to let the dogs out, go to the frig, smoke, and refresh on the batteries after the Spader flick.

I love the Weeds. The speech her brother gives her son... masterbating and the banana... one of the greatest ever!
It is! I love the guy who plays her brother and that speech is one of his very very best.

JRH has left a new comment on your post "It's An Obsession, I Know":

I am sending a disc back today and need to decide what to ask for next.

Re: 80's James Spader... when was the last time you enjoyed some Naughty in Pink?
I would say at least a year. At least. It's not my favorite Spader. He played all the baddies in the 80s so my love only matured when he did. It was Secretary that did it for me.

Laurie B has left a new comment on your post "See That Wall? I Have Hit It":

Sometimes it's just an excuse you need. Here's one. "If I'm thinking of going to work today I must be sick". That makes it a sick day, I guess. Next year, take the day off.

You'd fit right in with us and our families, both of birth and of choice. Come on over, we'd love to see you and share a meal.

I know you won't mind that the house isn't "company's coming" clean.

Thanks for your posts, LB
Oh you're so right. I can deal with less than "company" clean. I'll bring dessert! I absolutely love your sick day excuse, you're so right.

twoblueday has left a new comment on your post "This Is The One I Was Telling You About":

I think the rule malls and other places where Mammon is worshipped are to be excoriated for forbidding private photos of children with "Santa" in order to sell their "professionally" made shots. Shame on them.
I should clarify that Santa doesn't forbid photos by the peons, he just likes to prescribe when we take them. It's for a good reason, so that our flashes don't mess with his camera, but I still find it confining so I try to find ways to get around it. I think I did OK this year.

Mrs. Chili has left a new comment on your post "Santaland Outtakes":

That's some freakin' throne Santa's got there. Yeesh!
Isn't it though? I understand why the kids get a little intimidated.

Zelda has left a new comment on your post "Santaland Outtakes":

Is this the little baby what lives/ed in the brownstone with the big giant dogs?? good lord. If it is...I'm going back to bed. She's gorgeous. and OLD!! great shots dear.
Yes, indeed it is. Frightening isn't it? I don't know how she manages to get older and older while we stay so young and pretty. She's enormously tall and will surely surpass me the moment she gets a rush of hormones.

Mrs. Chili has left a new comment on your post "See That Wall? I Have Hit It":

I'm with JRH. You give all year - you don't need to save it up for one day (and, not for nothing, but I loved the gifties!).

I love you.
You're very welcome and I love you back.

JRH has left a new comment on your post "See That Wall? I Have Hit It":

Hey chica, from where I sit (at my messy kitchen table) I think you do a fantastic job giving back to the people you love. And they all realize that, since Christmas isn't exactly your prime time, you give your best presents/presence all year long.

Oh. And this crying on Christmas thing? I thought it was a tradition that was passe now that I spend more time being a mother than a daughter. Hey, not so much. I've decided to celebrate it and plan to do it every year. Wanna join me?
I don't exactly plan to do it every year but that's how it works out. I think part of this year's problem is that I drove to Christmas Eve with my mother and the drive back is usually where I do my sobfest. This year I waited until Christmas night in the shower. It's harder when you have to try to be quiet. I had hoped that when one had a kid of one's own who was "Santa age" it helped alleviate the crying but I guess not. Sorry.

JRH has left a new comment on your post "Watch Out! It's Hot!":

Merry Christmas, Kizz! Love the juxtaposition of the wreath with the alcohol (that is alcohol, right?). Have a great day!
It's actually condiments, mostly hot sauce.

Auntie has left a new comment on your post "Christmas Quotes Thus Far":

Cool, I am the #1 quote! I'm going to call you names more often! And by the way, you could have told me sooner that you were coming, I would have liked to have a cup of coffee with you. Moron.
I am, I know I am. Christmas makes me stupid. Next year I'll try to be better, I promise. Thanks so much for offering your help.

shay has left a new comment on your post "Here We Go!":

Well I'm new so I have NO IDEA where you're going but please have a wonderful time!
I always feel the same before I leave to go somewhere.
We are finally staying home for Christmas - yay!

Have a great last few days of 2007!
I went to my home town in NH. I did try to have a wonderful time. And I did for the most part but the food poisoning made it a bigger challenge than usual and it's always a lot of stress.

Zelda has left a new comment on your post "Voila!":

ok, the guy behind MusicBaby that has his back to the wall and his head down? The reflection behind him made me think you superimposed an angel behind the kid's head.
am I loopy?
do you see that?
I do not see that at all but I love that you did. I realized much later that the guy behind was a little more prominent than I wanted him to be.

Mrs. Chili has left a new comment on your post "How Close To The Edge Are You? A Christmas Quiz":

Heh. I bet I know which answer YOU chose...

Ask me again in a couple of days - my hysteria hasn't kicked in yet.

What version WERE they playing? I've had it 'bout up to here with Johnny Mathis, I can tell you that right now...
I'm asking again.

I have no idea which version they were playing but it didn't really matter. It was just the lyrics standing alone that got to me.

Rich | Championable has left a new comment on your post "Freaks Me Out Every Time":

That's one of the jobs I am least suited to do.
Rich, it involves standing relatively still in a small confined space. I've never even met you in person and I can't imagine you lasting 10 minutes in that job. For your own safety don't resort to it.

JRH has left a new comment on your post "Pencils Are Still Down":

I disagree that all reality tv contributes to the dumbing down of society. I believe I have actually learned things about cooking and the fashion industry, and even though Survivor probably doesn't make me smarter, it's pretty cool to watch the intelligence of the players (it's not all that unlike watching a sporting event -- there may be more emphasis on personality dynamics, but coverage of sporting events is heading in that direction too).
I agree and I disagree. I mean, I see what you're saying but I think the way it's replacing other shows that make you think is a problem. Mythbusters and cooking shows are a far cry from say, Survivor.

Gertrude Jane Kennedy has left a new comment on your post "Pencils Are Still Down":

Or and PS... why don't we have any power in this? Can't we go on strike? Seriously. I am still super pissed about them canceling I don't know Butchie instead. And the Sopranos could have gone on forever. And I don't know who decides all that writers, producers, actors... but humph! And Sex in the City! Gilmores, still heart...broken.
But seriously. I want to strike too.
You can strike and some viewers are striking. Not going to see new movies, not buying DVDs, not watching TV, especially the reality stuff. I don't know how much weight it's carrying but it's not a bad idea. I think that letters to advertisers are more important. Even letters to networks. When those nutty Jericho viewers sent all those peanuts to CBS (it was CBS wasn't it? and it was peanuts?) they got their show back. It's going to require a lot of letters, though.

Gertrude Jane Kennedy has left a new comment on your post "Pencils Are Still Down":

I watched reality TV before the strike. So quite frankly I get a pass.
Tim Gunn is a must in my life. As well as Project Runway and various other romances I keep with the reality of TV when its not causing so many people so much grief.
I am also a huge fan of Summertime Big Brother. As many brain cells as it may be sucking. I like it.
My Nip Tuck is still running with previously written episodes.
And Dancing with the Stars... there is not anything, anything that could come between me and Maskim.
I miss Craig Ferguson and Letterman. I miss Housewives. I miss Grey's. I miss Brothers and Sisters.
But I did pick up a few very smartly written show this season... Dirty Sexy Money, Picking up Daises or what ever that is called.
I am sorry for the writer's and this pain for the holiday season. I hate that they have to worry where the light bill money is going to come from. Or where they are going to get Christmas cash.
But the reality is I enjoy reality TV. Desperate Housewives of Orange County is absurdly funny. Gene Simmons Family Jewels is precious. I even caught a few episodes of Snoops show the other day and its hysterical. I keep waiting for him to be blowing out in his shed behind the house.
I should have made this a post.
So long.
No, you don't get a pass, not unless you were watching them before the last writers' strike. I'm not even giving myself a pass for watching American Gladiators and that was on before the last strike. All of the big reality shows people watch today were spawned during the last writers' strike and took the place of created shows. We're just finding a decent balance and creative shows are getting their knees shot out again. If you enjoy it you enjoy it but given what I love I hate to see it getting a foothold again. I really don't enjoy it at all, it makes me super uncomfortable to see people being made fools of even when they ask for it.

We have not even begun to address how Letterman and Conan and Stewart have made a special
deals to go back on the air with skeleton crews while negotiations are still in progress. I see it as pulling their support from the group of writers as a whole. I know they have good reasons and that they are doing what's best for the employees of their own shows but this issue needs them to be a loud, strong part of the whole group instead. I may be wrong about all that. Only time will tell.
Mrs. Chili has left a new comment on your post "Pencils Are Still Down":

NO reality t.v.! Ever! I'm proud to say I've NEVER seen an episode of "reality" t.v. I refuse to participate in the dumbing down of American culture.

I'm vibing for the writers. This is a big deal and I'll be interested to see how (if) folks come to a fair agreement.
I can't say I've never watched it. I watched Queer Eye, I've seen the occasional episode of different things over the years. I can say that I've never been able to sit through a full episode of the biggies like Survivor, Amazing Race or Big Brother. I've tried occasionally but just not been able to sit still. The whole format of it wigs me out so. This season Pony Express got slightly hooked on the hair dressing show and we ended up watching a few episodes in a row and I had to practically leave the room during the judging phase it freaked me out so hard.

JRH has left a new comment on your post "Pencils Are Still Down":

My TV Critic Boyfriend said of the Biggest Loser: "Tonight NBC crowns The Biggest Loser. Pot meet kettle." Sorry, Zelda.

I'll watch the reality shows I have been watching all along, but none of this filler crap.

Is McCreamy too inappropriate?
It's highly inappropriate but equally accurate!

Zelda has left a new comment on your post "Pencils Are Still Down":

Friends DON'T let friends watch reality tv!!! That's so the truth my dear....
does it count that I'm typing this while kind of semi watching the finale of the biggest loser??? sucks. I know. But damn the transformation of these people and their bodies is unfuckingbeieveable.
Yes, my dear, it counts. Sorry. But if you're finding inspiration from the show then what's a girl to do?

Mrs. Chili has left a new comment on your post "The Support of a Good Friend":

You are, indeed, remembering the day of her funeral.

One of the only things that pangs me (it is too a verb) about missing April is that I'm not sure I WAS the support she needed. I was often harsh with her, and I told her things I know she didn't want to hear. I never did what I did out of anger or self-righteousness, but the fact remains that we'd grown apart by the time she died.

That doesn't make me miss her any less, though.
You had to be true to your convictions and you were the one who introduced her to our group so you were, on some level, responsible for any support she got through that, which counts too. has left a new comment on your post "On the Bandwagon, Literally":

I had only heard Eastmountainsouth's version of "So Are You To Me," so I went to iTunes to find the Red Molly version. What a nice take on the song! That's one of those songs which is so beautiful that if you can halfway sing on key you can't ruin it! I don't say that to denigrate the Red Molly version at all. Some songs are just, well, perfect.
I've never heard anyone's version but Red Molly's. I'd like to, though, I'll have to keep my ear out. It's a simple, gorgeous tune.

Mrs. Chili has left a new comment on your post "On the Bandwagon, Literally":

Re: James Taylor - I have that CD, with different cover art, and I think I got it through Hallmark. I LOVE it.

Will you make me a CD of your favorite Christmas tunes, please?
I did make that CD. How did you like it? I should have asked to borrow your JT CD.

theinnerdoor has left a new comment on your post "Who Need Sheep?":

p.s. - while I'm happy that I can link right to my blog now, I'm sad that I come up as my blog's title and not my name...
This hoo ha is all fixed now so you can link as you, right?

Miflohny has left a new comment on your post "Just Can't Let Go":

breaks my heart that woman is so thoughtless - plus, that candle was a great gift!
I know! What the hell is wrong with a nice candle? It's perishable so you're not cluttering a person's life but you are brightening it. And for that matter making it stink less. I couldn't understand what the problem was with it. That re-gifting woman is a bitch.

And on that note, I think that's it. As a note to my favorite things post I want everyone to know that the next issue of the Best American Erotica series (2007) is going to be the last. I don't know why but it sucks. Go out and collect them all!

Thanks for all your comments, I love to get them and I do try to reply when I have something usefulish to say but I am reading them even when I don't have anything good to say.


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