Sunday, December 02, 2007

Coupla Things

1. I know that some people are having a wiggins about the way I'm medicating. You know, me too. It's not like me (see previous posts about only inhaling a couple of times and never having and keeping down codeine ever before this week) but I find that I like it and I don't feel unsafe and it's keeping me from crying when I glimpse myself in the mirror. Crying is bad because it makes the stitches pull and we want them to stay put. So, FYI, I'm out of the shower and everything went fine. No Life Alert button required. The one issue was that it took me probably 3 minutes straight to get the fancy new pump that Queen Bee bought me (I've coveted one forever and she just bought one, no angst required, she's a freaking miracle worker) onto the tub of conditioner. Apparently Press Down + Align + Turn = Complicated. All done, though!

2. There was a 2. My short term memory is a little iffy. Which is going to make work kind of tough tomorrow. Pain does that to me. Also probably drugs. Oh, you know what happened? I combined like 1-3 into that #1 up there. 1 was probably that I'm safely out of the shower then 2 was the conditioner thing.

Oh christ, who cares. I'm getting my stitches out on Thursday in case you were wondering and I think the ick factor will be slightly less at that point. In the mean time its nice to have glasses I can take off so that the whole mess is sort of an amorphous blog (hee, I mean blob) that looks kind of red and blue. Don't worry, I put my glasses on before I put on the goop and start cutting the gauze and tape.

So which baseball hat should I wear to work tomorrow? Given that I don't want to get my ass kicked on the way to work I think I'll leave my 2004 World Series Champs hat until next week. Tiger Stadium? Carolina Hurricanes? Probably not my Cock of the Walk hat, too bad. Travel & Leisure fishing hat is probably right for the crowd but I fucking hate that hat.


  1. Perhaps a houndstooth cap?

    I went back and read the post about getting this stuff cut out, and you were wigging out about the tugging and grossness of getting the stitches. I just wanted to say I am right there with you on that one. When I had my C-section, I could feel that tugging and apparently, my OB found my histrionics during the procedure quite amusing.

  2. Dude, you are cracking me up. Enjoy the pills. Thankfully we get very few moments in life when it's ok to be on the hooch. I'm not worried about you. I am ready for this little adventure to be behind you. Hopefully the stitch removal will be an easier one than putting them in. bleagh.

    Did I send you that cockothewalk cap?C'mon. that ball cap screams corporate working environment!!! hee hee hee

  3. Anonymous10:46 PM

    it is totally possible to use the V during this rough time and not get addicted to it. i am living proof. so, don't worry too much. obviously everyone is different, but i think there will come a point when you decide you are done with it, and then you will be fine.

    the short term memory issue is most probably the drugs. it will come back when you go off.

    wait, what was i saying again?

  4. Yeah, Z, you did send me the Cock cap. It's useful but I have to be careful where I wear it even in my liberal state. :)

    Houndstooth cap would be lovely. I may have to get me one of those.

    Seester, tell your OB he can bite me. Being stitched together like a home ec project is disgusting!