Monday, December 03, 2007

Fair Warning

It's getting easier to look at the Frankenforehead. Audio Girl showed one of my bosses the first strike photos, at his request, and promptly pronounced the man, who is an avid hunter and fisher, squeamish. Heh. I kind of love that.

Anyway, I think on Thursday or Friday I'll post some before and after photos of the stitched and the unstitched version of my fivehead. (Is it a four and a half head given what they took out of it?) I just wanted to give you a heads up in case you're squeamish like my boss. It's not a bloody oozing disaster area but it's definitely in the category of things you don't find in nature.

I'm a one trick pony these days, well two if you count all the puppy pictures (oh you should see who I have lined up for tomorrow), so lets open the floor to discussion for the sake of some variety. What are you up to this week? Holiday shopping? Shoveling snow? Macrame? Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. Anonymous2:39 AM

    My wife got laid off and my Mom had a mild heart attack. (The two were not related.) So I'm having a crappy week as well.

  2. Oh, Mediaguy! I'm SO sorry! Yikes....

    My week is actually going to be pretty interesting. I'm starting A Christmas Carol with my Lit. students today and the great Chili Christmas Summit happens at the local Olive Garden this evening with the in-laws. (Wish me luck - even though Mother Chili is "capitulating," I'm entering these talks with a GREAT DEAL of caution). Tomorrow, WeedWoman and I haj to IKEA, where I'm hoping to exchange some stuff we bought in the last trip that we decided wouldn't work, I want to exchange some couch cushions that are under warranty, and I'm hoping to get the last of my Christmas shopping done. Friday is a visit to my grandparents and bowling with the Bowyer clan - after an inconsistent schedule over the summer, we're back to our beloved Friday routine again - I really missed my grandparents...

  3. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Can I use your photo's as a PSA? Most of my clients enjoy being in the sun with baby oil on. Not smart.
    My week? Thanks for asking. Work, work, work. Christmas shopping on Thursday and or Friday. Sat I am cleaning a house, lunch with the old work crew than the yearly friends x-mas party. Sunday will be laundry, house cleaning (my own) and football. I don't have time this week to macrame. So sad.

  4. Men are supposed to be made out of steel or something.

    Tisk, Tisking at Oprah for the moment.
    I am eating, praying and loving.

    Still not convinced.

    Frankendforehead is genuis.
    Glad you are feeling more human.

    Had a wreck today. Not bad, just a bump. No brush with death this time. More annoying than anything. I long for a subway. Cars are so expensive.

    Cut down on the cancer sticks Kizz. Using you as inspiration. And making deals with the Universe cause it will owe me something if I do quit.
    Let Kizz be all good and I will quit and such.

  5. This week? I am desperately trying to get all of my papers and finals and programs graded. And then work up future schedules for my dept and commit time to phone interviews for a search committee I am on and try to get some Christmas shopping done as well as baking OH and arrange for a babysitter for MY own birthday evening out. What?

  6. You can use all of my photos as PSAs for everyone. We're all closer to the sun than we used to be, we need more protection. Plus it's expensive to have this shit cut out.

    Gert, STOP GETTING HIT IN THE CAR! I don't like it one bit. I'm glad to hear you're cutting back on the cigs. Every little bit is a victory and I'm glad to hear about it.

    Seester, you'd think they could manage the logistics of your WHOLE birthday, wouldn't you? In any case I'm glad you're being taken out for a proper celebration. Raise a glass and a forkful of cake for me!