Sunday, December 30, 2007

The First Step is Admitting They Have a Problem

My cats have a carb problem. They love them. I have to keep bread in the fridge and close cracker boxes very tightly. If you drop a cheerio in the house it's not the dog who comes running. She waits for bigger game. Before I left for NH I emptied the dog food bag into the can I use to serve from. I walked away to do something else and returned to find my cat half in the bag, literally!

Little freaks.


  1. I suffer from a similar addiction to carbs. I have been known to stick my head into a bag of Tim's salt & vinegar chips to get the last little bits.

    Happy New Year, Kizz et al.

  2. My cat would totally thumb wrassle you for those chip crumbs.

    Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Where can I send all my empties?
    May be they need vitamins.
    I don't think they will embrace a vitamin crumb as well as they would a card crumb but its a novel idea.
    I miss having a kitty. A choo!
    They was the most beautiful white one at my local petstore the other day.... white cats are usually blind. Meow.