Monday, December 10, 2007


I don't decorate for the holidays. I have enough trouble keeping up with the tidiness of my apartment and the financial and emotional obligations of the season without trying to turn my tropical rooms into a haven for Saint Nick. Almost every year I try to do one thing to goose myself into the spirit of the season, though. Last year I bought a wreath on a whim. I just wanted that smell in my house. I knew I'd have to keep it away from the cats until I could hang it properly so I slung it over the corner of the closet door. It stayed there through my birthday in January before I threw it out.

This picture is of this year's wreath which I bought this weekend.

What are they charging for wreaths where you are? I went to 3 places and got this one for what I consider a reasonable price, $10. The other 2 places were charging between $16 and $30 for wreaths of varying sizes and with varying degrees of extraneous crap on them. What the hell? Given that information I worried that mine would be inferior or old and not have enough of the pretty stink. It didn't have a lot of smell outside but I was already committed and it's only a couple of weeks until Christmas so I felt like it was now or never. Almost the moment I got it into my hothouse of a home it filled the entire place with the smell of the season. It's lovely.

I wonder if I'll ever get this one hung up properly.


  1. If it smells pretty, then it was totally worth the ten bucks!

    I have a swag of artificial poinsettias that I put on my front door; the Christmas tree smells enough to scent the whole house (this year more than others - just wait until you see this monster! Holy shit!). That being said, I don't really know how much wreaths are going for up here where pine trees are plentiful, but I don't think that your prices are that unreasonable. It wouldn't surprise me to see the price points here at about the same levels...

  2. Man, I paid almost $25 for my wreath and it's not nearly as nice. I thought New York was supposed to be way more expensive. I think it spruces up the closet nicely.

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