Friday, December 21, 2007

Here We Go!

You know that feeling you get right after you get locked into a carnival ride's seat but before the thing starts moving? You know, where you have that moment to think, "Hold on, is this such a good idea?" I've got that feeling now. I've checked the clock 5 times in the last 3 minutes. How long until we get to the top of the rise and plummet to our deaths?

I'm up, I'm showered, my clothes are laid out, most of my stuff is packed, I've written instructions to the people who are taking care of my pets, I've packed the dog's stuff, too, my Netflix are nestled all snug in their mail boxes. I need to dry my hair, pack some food, pack some last minute things. At 9 I need to walk out the door with the dog and her stuff, drop her off, drop keys and instructions off at the dog walker/pet sitter, call a car service, suit up and head to the bus.

I am unnaturally afraid that I will not get on the first come, first served bus. I am afraid of holiday glitches like nothing else today. I can't take any more changes in plan, people! Once I get into Boston I figure out how to get a cab and go to the other station because heavens fucking forfend that all the trains go out of the same fucking place. Then I see if I can catch a train to my hometown. I've never done that before. It's a relatively recent development that we have trains going up there and there's never been an opportunity. I might make the 5 but then again I might not. There's a 6:20. If I miss that then hopefully my dad will be able to pick me up and drive me north.

There's some wireless up there but sometimes it's hard for me to log on. So I'll try here and there to get on and if I can I'll post the equivalent of a "Polo!" to your "Marco!"

I hate math and science, they're all full of if-then statements. If-then statements make my brain tired. I'm exhausted.

But anyway, that's where I'll be case you're missing me at all...which I know you won't because, I mean, how arrogant is that? Right? know whatever, Happy Holidays!


  1. Oh I sooooo get that feeling. You will be fine and a hard candy christmas.
    We'll talk.
    love love love

  2. I understand that feeling, too, which is precisely why I don't get on roller coasters.

    Text or call me if you need me to come to get you. Seriously, I have NO issues coming to get you if all your if/then statements fall through...

    Love you!


  3. Happy trails to you dear.
    This will all be over soon and it will be another year until we have to do it again.
    Christmas 2008 is one year away! I love that. Best news I have heard all day.

  4. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Yeah, well I just left you a voice mail but I am leaving a comment here too. I would have picked you up!! I was 15 minuets from the city! Next time please just ask!

    Ps. Sorry for calling you names on your voice mail.

  5. Well I'm new so I have NO IDEA where you're going but please have awonderful time!
    I always feel the same before I leave to go somewhere.
    We are finally staying home for Christmas - yay!

    Have a great last few days of 2007!