Thursday, December 20, 2007

How Close To The Edge Are You? A Christmas Quiz

The ghetto grocery store is playing It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Browsing the aisles for last minute items do you:

a. Not even notice?

b. Bop along enjoying any version of this delightful Christmas classic?

c. Begin weaving on unsteady pins, laughing maniacally and muttering, "Wonderful? Wonderful? Who the fuck are they kidding? Who wrote this? I'm writing a stern letter!"


  1. Heh. I bet I know which answer YOU chose...

    Ask me again in a couple of days - my hysteria hasn't kicked in yet.

    What version WERE they playing? I've had it 'bout up to here with Johnny Mathis, I can tell you that right now...

  2. Can I combine a couple of the answers? Maniacally bopping along?

  3. Anonymous5:30 AM

    B. I love Christmas music.