Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just Can't Let Go

I know I should be done with the posts about how evil Yankee Swap/White Elephant/Dirty Santa parties are but the proof just keeps piling up around me. The whole idea of it is based on meanness. Why not switch all those parties to Secret Santa or Grab Bag, 2 traditions that are a. based on kindness and b. keep participants adhering to your grandmother's advice, "Always give a gift you'd be happy to receive."

What's got me all up in a lather about this particular holiday deathtrap today is that an object lesson of the wrongness of this sort of exchange was recently served up at the expense of commenter and all around lovely lady, Mrs. G. We don't like it when our friends are made to feel bad at any time of the year.

Just say no, y'all, Santa knows when you've been naughty.


  1. Oh, yikes! I went to read the bit about the Yankee Candle and I just don't know what to say. If you're going to regift, you've got to be VERY, VERY careful about it. That truly IS evil...

  2. While I understand that teachers probably get a lot more stuff than they can handle, at least phrase it that way instead of calling it crap or junk.

  3. Re-gifting is controversial for a reason, because it's a very delicate thing to do without hurting someone's feelings. Merely by talking so callously about it this woman proved that she has no idea how easy it is to hurt people's feelings and she proves that the impetus for a lot of people to do these parties is mean when she says that she keeps those things for "gag gifts" and uses one for the swap she's organized. I wish I lived near Mrs. G. so I could give this woman a gag gift, wrapped in my boot and delivered directly up her stupid ass.

  4. Anonymous9:59 PM

    breaks my heart that woman is so thoughtless - plus, that candle was a great gift!