Monday, December 03, 2007

Now I Remember

I did go to work today just not for long. I spent a couple of hours clearing the top layer of tasks from my time away. I was so tired when I got done and got my ass home that I slept for almost 2 hours. Now the wind is blowing like the Wicked Witch of the West herself has something to tell me and I'm desperately trying to get up the gumption to walk the poor dog who, though resting comfortably next to me, would really like to go out.

However, I did remember what I was going to tell you last night but couldn't remember.

If it was you I'd change the bandage, no problem. I wouldn't love it and it would still gross me out some but if you were hurt and needed me to change the dressings so you wouldn't have to look at it I would do that for you. I'm not half bad in a crisis. As long as you don't count that one time that my mother tricked me into looking at the drains from her mastectomy. That was different, it's different when it's your mom...maybe.


  1. It IS different when it's your mom. Or your baby. Still, though, I think that most of us buck up and get it done when we're needed. Case in point? A couple of weekends ago, Beanie woke up puking. She was resting next to her dad when I came up to say goodbye to them on my way to my Sunday classes. JUST as I walked in the room, she started wretching. I spun on my heel and left the room, but I wasn't fleeing - I was headed to the bathroom to get the wastepaper basket for her to barf into. I ran back with the receptacle, Dad held her head and I rubbed her back until the convulsions stopped. And I didn't even pass out....

  2. Sorry - that's RETCHING. I had it confused with "wretched." Silly me...

  3. glad you got up and out today. i hope you didn't over-do. glad things are on the mend and on the move, though you have some awesome winter weather to be cooped up in. It's high 60's here this week. bah. I want the snow. bring it on.

  4. Well, when my mom had her mastectomy and forced me to look at the drains and gore and stuff I actually wasn't a very good sport. I was in fact a bit of a baby. You're VERY strong to keep upright with the bucket holding. I know I COULD do that but it'd be hard. I still remember the first time my mom couldn't manage it when I was yakking.