Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Pencils Are Still Down

Let's not forget the writers' strike just because we're used to not having new episodes of favorite shows at this time of year. It's still going on and a lot of people, both writers and the professions that surround them, are having one hell of a holiday season trying to hash this stuff out. The latest thing to enrage me is that I've found out that Joshua Jackson's arc on Grey's Anatomy wasn't written before pencils down so it's in jeopardy in its entirety. I mean, by the time this is over his schedule may be different and we may never get to see what they'll call him now that McDreamy and McSteamy are taken. (I vote for McMine, but I'm not sure they'll agree.) Head on over to Fans4Writers.com to show your support of the working people in the industry.

And remember, friends don't let friends watch Reality TV.


  1. Friends DON'T let friends watch reality tv!!! That's so the truth my dear....
    does it count that I'm typing this while kind of semi watching the finale of the biggest loser??? sucks. I know. But damn the transformation of these people and their bodies is unfuckingbeieveable.

  2. My TV Critic Boyfriend said of the Biggest Loser: "Tonight NBC crowns The Biggest Loser. Pot meet kettle." Sorry, Zelda.

    I'll watch the reality shows I have been watching all along, but none of this filler crap.

    Is McCreamy too inappropriate?

  3. NO reality t.v.! Ever! I'm proud to say I've NEVER seen an episode of "reality" t.v. I refuse to participate in the dumbing down of American culture.

    I'm vibing for the writers. This is a big deal and I'll be interested to see how (if) folks come to a fair agreement.

  4. I watched reality TV before the strike. So quite frankly I get a pass.
    Tim Gunn is a must in my life. As well as Project Runway and various other romances I keep with the reality of TV when its not causing so many people so much grief.
    I am also a huge fan of Summertime Big Brother. As many brain cells as it may be sucking. I like it.
    My Nip Tuck is still running with previously written episodes.
    And Dancing with the Stars... there is not anything, anything that could come between me and Maskim.
    I miss Craig Ferguson and Letterman. I miss Housewives. I miss Grey's. I miss Brothers and Sisters.
    But I did pick up a few very smartly written show this season... Dirty Sexy Money, Picking up Daises or what ever that is called.
    I am sorry for the writer's and this pain for the holiday season. I hate that they have to worry where the light bill money is going to come from. Or where they are going to get Christmas cash.
    But the reality is I enjoy reality TV. Desperate Housewives of Orange County is absurdly funny. Gene Simmons Family Jewels is precious. I even caught a few episodes of Snoops show the other day and its hysterical. I keep waiting for him to be blowing out in his shed behind the house.
    I should have made this a post.
    So long.

  5. Or and PS... why don't we have any power in this? Can't we go on strike? Seriously. I am still super pissed about them canceling I don't know Butchie instead. And the Sopranos could have gone on forever. And I don't know who decides all that writers, producers, actors... but humph! And Sex in the City! Gilmores, still heart...broken.
    But seriously. I want to strike too.

  6. I disagree that all reality tv contributes to the dumbing down of society. I believe I have actually learned things about cooking and the fashion industry, and even though Survivor probably doesn't make me smarter, it's pretty cool to watch the intelligence of the players (it's not all that unlike watching a sporting event -- there may be more emphasis on personality dynamics, but coverage of sporting events is heading in that direction too).

  7. Anonymous8:09 PM

    I do not watch "reality" TV. I have not watched a single episode of "reality" TV. I also do not watch "sitcoms." I am not going to watch them. I do not watch "soap operas." This includes the evening soap operas masquerading as dramas/comedies. In our house whenever there is too much written into an otherwise okay drama about the personal life of a character, my honey and I make little sniffing sounds and say, "Tide? Cheer? Lifebouy?" I also don't watch "talk" shows.

    As for the writers, I think they are entitled to be paid for every commercial use of their work.