Sunday, December 02, 2007

Photographic Evidence of a Good Thing

Enough to show but not enough to make life too difficult. I love to see snow on my dog. Snow makes her happy and bouncy and ridiculously difficult to deal with. You don't get too much of that in an old dog. Snow makes her young again.
We walked for about 45 minutes and I felt pretty good. It kept my mind off how weird healing head skin feels and how much I want to scoop out my stomach with a spoon. Mostly I shot with my plain digital camera because I could shoot one handed (dirty!) which is key when walking and navigating a boisterous dog.
If I were a person who believes that an intelligent designer continues to design things for me (and I might be) I would believe that the snow fell just for me. It stopped so I was spurred to go out quick before it all got treacherously icy and wet and not pretty anymore. Ok, that part might have been designed for my dog so I wouldn't keep her waiting anymore. Then I got out there and got a few shots and was headed home and it started to snow again in beautiful, big, fluffy flakes which I love.


  1. These are beautiful photographs. Your pup has such distinctive ears...I just want to pinch them. Hope you are feeling better today than yesterday. Soaking in a hot bathtub is good too...with lavender salts.

  2. Her ears are one of her best features. They're super soft, too, I wish I could send you a sample but I'm leaving them where they are.

    Showering (and bathing too I'm sure) feels indescribably awesome. God forbid I ever have to have real honest to got surgery, it'll kill me.