Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Plan With Thoughts

I'm going to head to work tomorrow. I suspect I won't last a whole day. I'm thinking a half day, sort of a 9:30-1:30 deal. Maybe not that much, who knows? In order to execute this plan showering is necessary. In order to shower v1c0d1n is necessary (I am scared of touching the ick and looking at it and pulling stitches and getting shampoo in the ick and ouchies and, whatever, I'm a wuss but I'm dealing). Going to work should, ideally, be done v1c0d1n free. Thus the showering plan.

1. V1c0d1n (done)
2. Small dose red wine (done)
3. Shower
4. Pat dry GENTLY
5. Let ick air out
6. Dress wound
7. Shiver violently with the utter gross of it all
8. Walk dog
9. Sleep
10. Wake up and get ready and go to work relatively clean and wearing a hat

My father has said that my aversion to looking at this mess that is my forehead is a girl thing (and a thing that I've had all my life, not confined to facial injuries). I suspect it's a someone-who-never-played-hockey-or-rugby thing. I also think that when there's a a jarring change to the way one looks that you're entitled to get the willies over it. Sure, my willies may have a little extra will in them but I am still dressing the wound on my own so I'm certainly not on the very bottom rung of the willi-ism ladder.

I don't know, though, that one guy did amputate his own arm to save his life and I'm pretty sure that shit wouldn't have happened if it was me.. What do you think?

I'll check comments when I get out of the shower. Then maybe I'll write some holiday cards. If you get a card that says, "V1c0d1n! Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!! Blllleeaaeareadaghhgsaklehgsoeithy wghs vsdoj" well, uh...sorry. At least you'll know I was having fun when I wrote it.


  1. I hope you're doing alright. Showering alone with v!C*dEn and red wine makes me worry. Also the shivers. Do you need me to call you or text?

    I am terribly afraid of V!C*dEn. I've been prescribed it before and never could take it. Always afraid after one dose and I'll be an addict.


  2. Oh Snob, thanks for that. I worry about it some too and I'll be writing about it later. On the flip side I really didn't think I'd be able to live another second on Thursday and Friday and the vike made that go away.

    I'm safe now, I promise. That worry is partly why I posted before I got in the shower, sort of a shout out to the world that I was going in and then another when I got out. Thanks for noticing.

  3. Glad to hear it. I'll rest easy now. Sending healing vibes your way.

  4. My dad would tell your dad it's not just a girl thing. Or maybe my dad's a girl.

  5. That was a very Viked up post!

    Hope your first day back at work is going well.