Monday, December 24, 2007

Remember What I Said Before About the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

I have food poisoning.

So does ChemE. Haven't been able to raise Mama Kizz or So Divine who are the other consumers of the suspect buffet haddock.

Y'all pray for death for me, willya?



  1. NOOOOOOO! Oh, I'm SO, SO sorry. You have no idea! I'll totally vibe for you all day....

  2. Huh. So many bitter little time. Hopefully you are well stocked with ginger ale and love and it'll be out of your system in no time. Damned buffet. I always look at it this way, think of how skinny you'll feel for tomorrow!!! (SICK. yes I know. Dysfunctional. of course it is. to know me is to love me.) wishing you speedy recovery

  3. As my husband just pointed out, the only thing worse than having food poisoning is not being home and having food poisoning.
    So sorry. Hang in there.

  4. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Maybe Santa can bring you some dry toast and tea.

    I am wishing as strong as I can wish that you feel better today. I'm a pretty good wisher too.

  5. oh, me poor droogie.
    I'll put out a hit on the haddock.
    It'll give the haddock a headache.

    I'll also think good thoughts.

    There was one, just now.

    Ooooh. Another! That's two.
    Very rare for a guy like me.
    You must have a powaful influence.

  6. Anonymous2:55 PM

    That's what happens when you eat.

    Happies and warms to you (no wish for death).

  7. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Oh hell, that sucks.
    I am so sorry to hear about it. I am not wishing your demise, just the demise of your poisoning.
    Merry Christmas anyway. Just with no food except tea and crackers.

  8. Anonymous12:24 AM

    I hadn't logged on in a few days, so I visited your blog expecting pages and pages of unread entries. I'm absolutely exhausted, so the thought of it was making me tired, but I was also looking forward to seeing what was up with you and also looking forward to a few minutes of time when I wasn't cooking, wrapping, feeding, caring ... I was surprised at how little I had to scroll to get to the last message I had read - then I read that you had food poisoning, and I was no longer surprised. I'm soooooo sorry!!! Bleh!!! I see by the clock that it is now Christmas. Hopefully you are snug in a comfy bed, so fast asleep that your poisoning isn't bothering you and that your body is working hard at recovering without you having to lift a finger. I'm sending you healthy and happy thoughts. I hope everyone possible is waiting on you hand and foot. Love and best wishes for the holiday and the new year!