Friday, December 14, 2007

What Dreams May Come

Oh lordy the weird dreams I had last night and this morning! Almost getting crushed in a post apocalyptic garbage dump. Seeing lions on the side of the road. Having my camera malfunction. And more, so much more.

The weirdest and longest lasting bit, though, was that I adopted a huge pit bull/Am staff terrier. She was about 80lbs and a gorgeous gray brindle, so sweet and loving. I named her Bubbles and gave her 2 baths in the course of one dream. Not sure what's up with that. At one point she reached up her big paw and gave me a hug. I suspect one of the cats was grabbing my head at that point, Anna likes to lick hair. It's sweeter when the pit does it.

I am extremely pro dog adoption and I'm not for breed specific legislation. I do believe you have to know your dog breed, though. I had no idea about German Shepherds when I got Emily, and I think I could have done better by her if I had. I do know now that I would not be a good pit bull owner. I'm a fan of the weird schedule and I have a lot of people who help me with my dog so there are some inconsistencies and I'm not a runner or a hiker or a 2 hours per day exerciser, either, so not. These among other things give me a high liklihood of being a bad pit bull owner. Nobody likes a bad pit bull owner.

Good god Bubbles was a sweetheart, though. I couldn't find a perfect representational photo but these are close and they are of Cheyenne who is available for adoption through Red Hook Dog Rescue via Pit Bull Rescue Central. Her face just melts me.


  1. I agree with you with my whole entire heart.
    I believe it is the owner's responsibility to know their dogs.
    I believe the owners should be punished and not the dogs.
    Animals are animals. And anything with teeth can bite you.
    Nonna and Pops had Wolf Dog for a while this summer and I loved it. 80% hybrid wolf. He commanded respect. But he was such an amazing animal.
    I love to look at the Pit Bulls. Real Housewives of Orange County has some beautiful ones on the show.
    And imagine walking through your hood with one?
    No one would touch you ever!

  2. PS Post Title: Worst movie ever.

  3. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Thank you for making it where we Wordpress folks can post un-anonymously.

    Now I just have to figure out how to do it, since I left a nice long comment talking about how much I like pit bulls and as a groomer, I've met plenty of them, and yada yada yada.

    The comment went bye bye because I did something wrong, I think.

    I'm gonna try it again, because I got moxie, baby.

  4. Melting here...I get so annoyed at the the pit bull bashing. I have two friends that each have one and they are just big old sweethearts.

  5. That's so cool that you can remember your dreams in such detail. I hate it when people cut off dog's ears, like someone did with Cheyenne here.

  6. Dogs can't help themselves: terriers want to yap and play, Australian shepherds want to herd. Love the pink in the photo. . . our two dogs just wriggled out of their zebra hoodies! Seriously. That's why picked poodles and terriers: kid malleable.

  7. Oh - and just so the post above isn't misconstrued -- any breed and all breeds are good, just have different needs and inclinations. A Pit Bull fits nicely on this lap.

  8. Gert, yeah, having a dog is a huge responsibility. In my 'hood they're already scared of my dog and her big pointy collar. The idiots with the pit bulls scare me, they've got them on big link chains for leashes and they beat them as "training" it's awful. Also, I disagree about the movie, what did you hate?

    Oh Contrary I wish we had your comment, I'm sorry it got lost.

    The part that most people don't understand is that they were originally bred for dog on dog aggression, really not for dog on people aggression. They LOVE people and are ricockulously loyal and snuggly.

    Kath, yeah, I refer a natural ear on any breed. She's so beautiful, why would anyone torture her like that.

    I can't imagine how badly my dog would react to clothing, Mary. Good for your dogs for doing their thing! They must be so cute.

  9. Richard Mathison. He wrote Somewhere in Time, one the list of all time best movies ever.
    He also wrote I Am Legend.

    Not sure. I expected more from the flick. Robin Williams.