Tuesday, January 22, 2008

10 People of the 10 Things Network

Recently Chili cyberwhined, "I'm trying to start something here!" about 10 Things Tuesday. Apparently she doesn't think that people (perhaps she meant enough people) are participating. I then proceeded to point out at least three people who have been participating that she didn't even know about. So I think I'll use my 10 Things this Tuesday to point out 10 people who are participating in this fun.

1. Chili. It only takes one person to make a movement, if you doubt this go away and listen to Alice's Restaurant and come back.

2. Me. I've been slacking lately but I'm coming back, baby. Just wait until next week when I regale you with 10 routines in my life

3. Zelda. She's been off the wagon for a bit but climbed back on today. I'll say one thing for the girl, she doesn't dream small.

4. Gert. Gert's having a rough day today, sounds like she might need 10 Things to set her mind at ease.

5. Joe Banks. He succumbed to peer pressure from Zelda and Gert. We love peer pressure.

6. Corner Booth at Hudson's. Back in the hey day of being on the 10 Things bandwagon sometimes Zelda, Gert and Joe would post a 10 Things list on their own blogs and then a totally different one on their shared blog at Corner Booth. Now, that's commitment.

7. Chrome. Sister commits with the photos and the themes and whatnot. Always a delight.

8. Grammar Snob. She's not letting her status as Senior Citizen College Student stop her from listing her 10 Things. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm so pleased and happy for her that she's back at school.

9. Tense Teacher. You know, I'm not sure she's ever participated but, since she's blogging 365 this year I bet 10 Things will start to look like a rosy way to take care of Tuesdays.

10. As the exception that proves the rule there's Rich. He's got Adult ADD, he's no candidate for 10 Things Tuesday but I'm sure he's out there reading and supporting the movement.

It's cozy down here on the Group W Bench. I'm sure people are joining us all the time.


  1. Dammit, woman! It's adHd. It's the H that makes it a SUPERPOWER!

  2. Oh crap. I debated with myself about which one it was and I really thought I did it right. Would it help if I said I was distracted?

  3. Wowie. I had no idea! I'm going to spend some serious time with this list when I get home from work this afternoon, just to check 'em all out!

  4. Sorry about that spoiler.
    I forget I am not the only person in the Universe often.

  5. Sorry about that spoiler.
    I forget I am not the only person in the Universe often.

  6. I am back on the Ten Things Wagon! i LOVE THIS Chili!!! See!!! We follow you....(right off of that bridge if you want!)

  7. Anonymous10:19 PM

    I'm on the wagon most weeks, too. "twas a great idea and I like to get themey with it sometimes, 'cause it's damn fine fun.