Monday, January 21, 2008

Closely Knit

Queen Bee knits.

She knits a lot. She knits socks and scarves and hats and baby booties and shrugs and ponchos and shawls and sweaters.

She knit this sweater for me for Christmas.

Isn't that awesome?

FYI, that bulge above the hips is not an imperfection in the sweater it's an imperfection in me, or in my outfit, I'm not sure which. She does good work. Luckily she likes it.

I wonder what I'll get next year.


  1. Tell Queen Bee that if she ever needs someone to dump off some socks or an extra sweater on, I'll volunteer...

  2. Bee-autiful work, Queen!

  3. Yeah, I know, she keeps worrying that we won't like what she's making and I keep reminding her to BRING IT ON!