Saturday, January 05, 2008

First In With a List, ProfDoc!*

My list is still a few items light. Fortunately ProfDoc is more on the ball. I like having the inspiration. As usual Editorial comments are in italics.

1. Date Prof Doc Husband once a month.
2. Run Hampton Beach Half Marathon. When are all these races?
3. Run Covered Bridges Half Marathon (in less than 2 hours?).
4. Run a third race.
5. Buy new running shoes.
6. Raise $300.78 for David's House by doing #3. How did you come up with that figure exactly?
7. Have gyn appt.
8. Visit Kizz.
9. Visit or host DMB.
10. Visit Richmond/Raleigh.
11. Visit Em.
12. Run 15 miles. At one time.
13. Win 4 field hockey games (as coach).
14. Go to Portsmouth.
15. Visit Chili. More than once.
16. Send out Christmas cards.
17. See a Bruins game.
18. See a Seadogs game.
19. See a Spinners game.
20. See a Pats game. Preferably a preseason game with Mom.
21. Cut back on soda.
22. Go to the dentist.
23. Twice.
24. Volunteer for 50 hours. At least.
25. Visit my grandparents.
26. Go on a trip.
27. Use JetBlue $.
28. Have a fantasy football team.
29. Take the dogs to the vet. Does that count as 3? Doesn't have to, you've filled all the slots but you can filter them in if need be later in the year.
30. Develop a new project for one of my classes. Any ideas for this?
31. Take a class with ProfDocBaby.
32. Maintain the Christmas traditions we started this year.
33. Celebrate ProfDocBaby's 2nd Bday.
34. Celebrate our first Homecoming Day.
35. Take ProfDocBaby to the beach.
36. Think of a nice way to acknowlege my parent's 40th anniversary.
37. Find 2 new playgrounds for ProfDocBaby.
38. Go to that cute little store near the common.
39. Go to a Whole Foods store.
40. Move more money from checking to savings.
41. Finish this list. DONE!
42. Make paella.
43. See Carbon Leaf.
44. Visit KMS and fam.
45. Go to H's memorial service.
46. Donate old towels/blankets to HSFN.
47. Do sit-ups at least twice a week.
48. Floss.
49. Sign will.
50. Take my field hockey team on runs.
51. Do the Cliff Walk.
52. Think of at least one kickass Christmas present idea. But do you have to buy it and give it?
53. Use the netflix subscription to the max (which may involve scaling back). Did you already scale back? Are you considering scaling back a little more?
54. Take Sidney swimming.
55. Get together with T. Alone.
56. Do something non-running with my running buddies.
57. Get together with H.
58. Get together with H & E.
59. Find a non-family baby-sitter for PDBaby.
60. Keep up with scrapbooking.
61. Make another photo book for my parents.
62. Make another photo book for D.
63. Donate $ to Harvard Schools Trust.
64. Donate $ to HSFN.
65. Donate $ to WHFC.
66. Continuar a mejorar mi espanol.
67. Write to my grandparents.
68. Go to Sorrentos. I know you can do this. I'm sure of it.
69. Use gift cards.
70. Read at least 12 books. Anything specific on deck?
71. Try out a new recipe once a month.
72. Go to church. Or decide I actually don't want to. I like the way this one is phrased.
73. Continue to *read* the magazines we get.
74. Get together with T & T.
75. Get together with the McHs.
76. Go on a hike.
77. Go to Salem.
78. Get a membership at the Westford library. Do this before you go to the pizza place. Do they have a story time for the kid?
79. Vote. Twice. Hard and forcefully in 2008. More than twice if you can manage it!
80. See Avenue Q.
81. Drink lots of water. How much per day?
82. Back up the pics & music on my computer.
83. Get enough calcium. How much is enough? I have a lot of trouble doing this.
84. Volunteer at the DI tournament.
85. See Red Molly. I'm sure they're coming soon to a venue near you.
86. Get the window flashing fixed.
87. License the dogs for '08.
88. Get my car inspected in August to eliminate October stress.
89. Test drive a Prius. Ooo, very cool.
90. Enhance my webpage.
91. Eat at the place my parents' gave us the gift card to.
92. Go to a Red Sox game.
93. Send paperwork to adoption agency.
94. Finish social worker meetings.
95. Finalize adoption.
96. Go to Latin American culture day.
97. Help Prof Doc Baby deal with his stubbornness (& mine).
98. Watch the Boston Marathon.
99. Develop a routine for our summer vacation.
100. Watch my first 9th grade class graduate.
101. Go on the DC field trip.
102. Watch Seasons 1&3 of Veronica Mars. Yay!
103. Finish the (one, sniff) season of Studio 60. Sniff.
104. Donate my old clothes.
105. Donate PDBaby's old clothes & toys.
106. Donate to the HSFN yard sale (ie get rid of stuff we don't use).
107. See a V Day performance of the Vagina Monologues. That link might help people track down a performance near them.
108. Keep track of how many of these I actually do. You're off to a good start by putting the list here where it's easy to find wherever you may know, unless you're hiking the Appalachian Trail or something.

Wow, the editor is extremely commenty isn't she?

*Not counting Chrome, whose list is here. ProfDoc is the first person on this blog to finish her list, though.


  1. The Hampton Race is February 10th; the Covered Bridges is June 1st. David's House requires that you raise $300.78 to be part of their team (there are not a lot of benies to doing so -- I just liked the idea of it) -- it's a house near Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center for families of kids receiving treatment. It was started by parents of a cancer patient - David - who had saved $300.78 for something special.

  2. Anonymous8:59 PM

    jrh I would love to give you some money for David's house. I stayed there when my friend had her baby 3 months early and she stayed there too. It's a great place that offers an amazing service. Where do i send the check?

  3. Thanks for linking my list. That's fun.

  4. JRH, that's so cool. I love that they put that boundary on giving.

    Auntie, thanks for donating right away, you're awesome and pro-active.

    Chrome, no problem baby, love doing it.