Monday, January 21, 2008

Fork You!

You know what's not on my wish list?


I should have asked for forks. I need more forks. I have enough spoons to last for a month but I have enough forks for like 3 days tops. I use them to mash up the cats' food and stuff and then, you know, to eat so I use a lot of forks.

I don't want to go to the dollar store and get 10 of those forks made out of tin foil that they sell. Maybe I should frequent some stoop sales and see if I can find some. Do people sell just forks like that or do you usually have to get the whole set? I don't want any more knives, just the forks, please.

Maybe my mom has some extras.

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  1. I bet your mom DOES have some. I'm also pretty sure one can score just a package of forks (or just spoons or just knives) at Target. Want me to check when I'm there later today?

  2. Would you check to see if such a thing is possible, please? And if it is Ill trek over to the Target here and take advantage of that information.

  3. I remember finding loose bins of forks at outlet stores (Oneida, Mikasa, etc.) Do you have any housewares places reasonable near?

    This reminds me of my sister's fork of the month club idea...

  4. Anonymous11:02 AM

    You can get forks from National Airlines from Fishs Eddy,608.htm
    for 99 cents a piece, if you can't get any forks from Target. They're 6 1/4 inches long, which may be shorter than your other forks. You can buy online or at their store at Broadway and 19th street. Just an idea.

  5. Funny! Its the spoons that disappear here. Who ever is taking your forks might have all my spoons too. I just buy spoons at Wally world cheap by the dozen.

  6. I too have run short of forks and spoons before (not really sure how that happens). We've bought them at Target, where the quality is decent but not great. The price was reasonable (I think it was $4.99 for 5).

    We've also bought them at the houseware outlets at Kittery. A tad more expensive (like $1 each) and a slightly higher quality.

    Good luck, and I love the photograph!

  7. These are all great ideas. Maybe on Friday I'll be able to buy a few freaking forks so I'm not poking things with a knife anymore. Thanks!

    You know, Gert, I think I had this problem with spoons a while ago and solved it, now it's the forks. I need balance.