Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hello Knitters!

This is a picture of a sweater my great grandmother knit for my father probably 30 years ago, no, more than that, probably almost 40 years ago. It has understandably gotten worn with age. There's some discoloration and a few pulled threads. I'd like to get it re-created but in order to do that I need a pattern. My great grandmother basically just knit as it came to her, not a big fan of the pattern. Even if she was she's been dead over 20 years so it'd be hard to get her to cough it up.

So I'm looking for an ambitious person who might be able to work out the pattern so I can get someone to knit me a new one. Can someone give me a lead? The only hard core knitters I know in person declared it WAY too hard. I'm willing to pay but I don't have unlimited funds so I'd need an estimate before I could agree to anything.


  1. BRILLIANT use of the internet!!

    When you get a pattern (notice I didn't say "if"), let me know; I'd like to have one of those, too!

  2. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Your Granny had mad skillz. That's a gorgeous sweater.

    Sadly, no one passed any of the good homemaking skills down to me, like knitting, or sewing, or canning.

    The only thing I'm really good at is riding herd on a pack of kids.


  3. Contact Zelda. I think she is a knitter. She might just crouchet. I sew. That's is. If you have some mending....

  4. Gert, I do have mending, boy do I ever. Expect a HUGE package in the mail. :)

  5. Get on it Sis. I am unemployed and running out of the $4 Bubbly.
    I can mend my ass off.