Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Haven't Been Keeping Up

Before we get started let me clarify that I haven't turned uber girly and started keeping a wedding scrapbook. I have added a couple of wedding photographers to my daily reads, though. It's because I love portrait photography and that's essentially what event photography is. Anyway, I'm now going to link to one of those people but it's not about photography at all.

It's about football.

I only follow football enough to know if the people I hang out with are going to be happy or sad. I'm more of a hockey or baseball girl.

All this is to say, can you explain the second bullet point in this guy's blog entry to me? I don't know what he's talking about.


  1. Very early in the season - it may have even been the first game, but don't hold me to that - the Patriots were caught videotaping the opposing team's (in this case, the Jets') sideline, ostensibly to learn the other team's defensive signals.

    It was blatant and obvious, and our suspicion (Mr. Chili's and mine) is that Bellichick did it on purpose and out in the open and in the first game of the season to keep OTHER teams from doing it to them. He was willing to take the hit and the fine and all the negative publicity to keep his own sideline from being covertly watched. Bellichick is, in my opinion, too smart to have gotten caught the way they did.

    But that's just me.

    This is a pretty good article about it, if you want to know more.

    Love ya!


  2. Anonymous7:29 AM

    What he is referring to is “Spygate”. The Pat’s were caught filming the first game of the season against the jets. What I am about to say is Mr. Chili’s thoughts of what happened. My brother-in-law is a effing genius! His theory is that Billy wanted to get caught. Here’s why. #1 He did it AFTER the NFL warned all the teams about taping their opponents. #2 He did it against a team who’s head coach used to be his assistant coach and who therefore knows all his tricks. Mr. Chili feels as though EVERY team filmed games. Mr. Chili feels as though Billy wanted to put a stop to it so he BLATENTLY did it in the very first game. Mr. Chili feels as though Billy didn’t want other teams filming the Pats to steal their secrets. Mr. Chili thinks Billy is a very smart coach. Auntie thinks Mr. Chili is a wealth of sports knowledge and strategy and Auntie worships the ground he walks on!

  3. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Mrs. Chili beat me! Mrs. Chili can type way faster then Auntie!

  4. Anonymous11:59 AM

    I know nothing. I have a vague sense that we're coming up on Superbowl time because it's January and every time my birthday falls on a Sunday, it's Superbowl Sunday.

    I have no idea who's playing or where they're playing or even why they're playing.

    I'm a baseball kind of girl.

    Please be my friend anyway.

  5. The only thing I know about football is that the good ads run on Superbowl day.

    I know even less about other sports. But ask me about music :)