Friday, January 04, 2008

Mad Dogs & Englishmen

In a previous Hot People post Kath mentioned a clandestine lust for actor cum late night host, Craig Ferguson (above). My immediate thought was, "She is nuts! How am I going to manage a Hot People post based on him? In what twisted universe is he hot? Who in blue hell is the female counterpart to Craig Freaking Ferguson?!?!?"
Why Amanda Plummer, of course! (above) Sadly, though I find Ms. Plummer both talented and lovely, the paparazzi of the world hate her. Not easy to find this photo that represents her well. I like this one quite a bit. I found it on Playbill.

From Plummer my thoughts inevitably turned to my favorite craggy Englishman, Tim Roth (below). I didn't like Pulp Fiction all that much but my favorite bits were the diner parts with Roth and Plummer.
As I browsed the photos of my beloved I thought, "Oh dear lord I haven't got a leg to stand on. Who am I to be making fun of a Craig Ferguson crush?"
He just makes go thumpety thump. Look at those hands. Just look at them. Now stop. Stop! Go away! He's mine, all mine.


  1. Now come on. Look at those piercing blue eyes. That tousled hair. That Scottish accent. Craiggles is da bomb. I always fall for any guy who makes me laugh. Hence, Alex.

  2. I have to say, he is quite delish. I've always thought so, even back to the drew carey days. gasp. I'm not the only one! Huzzuah kath!!! and that pic of your honey?
    Little moist.
    just a little.
    you can have him...but can I watch?
    is it too early to be this naughty? tee hee hee.

  3. Craig is dashing. He and Eddie Izzard together on the one show was about as good as it gets.
    I am a fan of the accent and the jokes... the whole blemmin' package!

  4. Frankly it's never to early to be naughty over here, glad you went there!

    I'm seeing the attraction now, and I do find him extremely funny.