Tuesday, January 08, 2008

(Not) First in the Nation

I'm from New Hampshire. We used to be "First in the Nation" voting-wise. The new configuration makes us second, I guess, I really don't pay enough attention to these things. I wonder if the 20 some odd people in that tiny town up north still waited up to vote at midnight (by voice ballot, I might add, I wouldn't want to hit the church supper in that town, yeesh) like they used to when they were actually the first town in the country to return results.*

I have no fracking clue how this election is going to turn out. That goes for my birth state, my home state and the nation. I will, however, tell you that I was impressed when I went north for Christmas by the variety of political signs I saw peppering intersections and front lawns.

As a young adult my experience of NH is as a strongly Republican state. This probably stems from the original mission of the party to keep government small. We're in the core of New England, we like to keep to ourselves, you know? Our motto is Live Free...OR DIE, after all. However, recently I heard on a news snippet, "...but New Hampshire is seen as such an Independent state..." Uh.....what? Yet, I saw a number of Obama signs then a few Hillary signs when I expected it to be all Romney. As I searched the roadsides I did see a couple of rather sheepish looking Romney signs and even one Guiliani.

It's anybody's guess here. Let's keep our fingers crossed for something good.

*Update to add: They did.


  1. Anonymous8:04 PM

    I like to eat grapes, but I like raisins, too.

    The other day I was riding on the bus when a single grape rolled down the aisle. It was green, and appeared to be of the seedless variety.

    Now you know my political views.

  2. Gerry, they'd have a FIELD DAY with you up here!

    I am DEE-OH-EN-EE, DONE! I've had it, and I'm ready for it to be over.

    I'm going to go watch something on TiVo. NPR will tell me how it went in the morning...

  3. Anonymous12:21 AM

    I am so proud to be from NH and get to say that we get to meet these people before they are "President". Last election I was home for some reason and got to go to a Michael Moore rally that I would have never gone to had I been in the city. (I hate crowds and it's NH, there weren't many people there at 2 pm in the afternoon on a weekday, shocker I know, HA). That said I had the same very Republican, conservative majority in the state when I lived there. But lately, it's really been blowing my mind that they have allowed civil unions there. You can't get a Dem. candidate besides Kuchinich to commit to that and NH is leading the nation, I thought I would have been long dead in my grave before I saw that.

  4. My guy is trailing but this is the first election of my life where I will be delighted with whoever wins...provided they're a Democrat. Just had to add that last part.

  5. Technically, Iowa is a "caucus." NH is a "primary". So, they're still number one!

    Oh, and yay for not voting for Creepy Bastard!