Wednesday, January 02, 2008

One of These I Wouldn't Order in A Restaurant

Random shots of Matt Dillon, Andrew McCarthy & Judd Nelson, some of the great loves of my youth.
For the most part they seem to have aged well, quite well in fact.
I had a really hard time finding a photo of Nelson that didn't make me go running to Mickey Rourke for comfort.
We all know what happened to Mickey Rourke, don't we?


  1. I think Matt looks great.
    Andrew did a SVU cameo as a wife killer... super spooky and he really acted out the drama.
    Judd, not much since he hooked up and took over for MJFox.
    Mickey, how sad.
    He was never really my thing.
    Another lover from the past still hanging around and looking fantastic is Rob Lowe.
    Who knew he would come so far after the hooker thing?

  2. I was going to mention Mr. Wonderful. A good old Matt movie. And Tony Soprano is in it. Skinny.

  3. I always always love Andrew.
    And the still-looking-goodJames Spader.
    Pretty in Pink was rough for me.
    I think I ultimately went with Duckie Dale (Jon Cryer) because Andrew and James were wreaking such havoc on my heart.

  4. Anonymous5:54 PM

    I used to be in love with Tom Cruise before he started getting all wacko. My last guy crush, athough I have to say Sting is really hot for an old guy!

  5. Matt has always rocked my boat. Drugstore Cowboy is one of my favorite movies. To me, he keeps getting better with age.

  6. I was into Matt when he was first big then he sort of faded. I saw Crash and immediately took another look at him. He's very impressive.

    I loved Judd Nelson even more than either of the other 2 so it was really hard for me to see him sort of nutty. I saw some truly crazy photos.

    You know, Chrome, that last moment in Pretty in Pink where she chooses Spader over Duckie is so hard to watch as an adult. It's just crushing, the poor guy.

    Gert, when did Nelson take over for MJFox? I've never seen Mr. Wonderful, I may have to check it out.