Saturday, January 26, 2008

Remember the Rule

I was watching Christian Bale's breakout performance in Empire of the Sun when a call came in from Alex.

He said they'd had a "relatively crappy day" and were testing different bars in the neighborhood for margarita quality. We bantered so it took a while to discover that the "relatively crappy day" was due to having put Edwyn down.
Edwyn and his partner in crime, Hula, have been with Kath about 19 years, give or take a couple of months. Alex joined the pack when the kittens were about 6 years old.

Apparently after the deed was done Alex asked Kath, "Who will help you in the kitchen now that Edwin is gone?" Who indeed. Alex is the clean up man and Hula is uninterested in the kitchen. It's an enormous adjustment and, despite his long time on this earth, it seems too soon.
So, we drank of the margaritas, we ate of the chocolate cake and we cried of the tears. As you all know, the rule is, that if we have to let one go all of the others get extra treats, just for breathing. Good breathing. Good standing still. Good looking at me. Good living beloved animals, you just keep that shit up.


  1. Sending love Kath and Alex's way. Now I'm going to go scritch all my 16 year old kittens....

  2. Anonymous12:37 PM

    "Good living beloved animals, you just keep that shit up."

    indeed. losing a pet is the worst. my love to them.

  3. Anonymous3:53 PM

    My condolences to your friends. I still miss my Daisy and it's been almost two years.

  4. Oh, I hate animals dying stories, no matter how old they are, because I look at my dear dog's grey face...

  5. I hear you SueBob. It's well documented that one of my cats, who is a baby compared to Ed & Hula, is a mess. And today, my 13-year-old puppy dog decided she didn't really want to eat. It happens sometimes but it still makes me a little nervous when it does. So, extra love and treats and time on the beach for all of them.

  6. So sorry for your friend.
    Where is the shot that makes them immortal? Hugh?
    I would pay any amount of money for that.
    Everyday I miss my Scotty-roo. Smartest dog ever. He said my name, he said, actually said I love you.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear that. My wife bought our cat soon after we married and now that she's middle age I can't help but think of that day she'll be gone and I cry every damn time I think about it.

    Losing such a good friend is so hard and I feel for you tonight. I hope your pain heals soon.

  8. Kizzy, K&A's neighbor Michelle makes these treats that have a magical effect on a not-eating dog - the Scooter Snacks were Emmett's last calories and if Emily skips another meal, I highly recommend 'em.

  9. Thanks for this great tribute, Kizz. I'll always miss Edwyn's crazy stretching up to try to get a piece of cheese off the counter. And his love of the vacuum (I cried the other day when I vacuumed the living room). Bon Voyage, you demented old googly-eyed cat.

  10. He did have the most astounding eyes. For a long time I tried to figure out what it meant when he'd look at me like that, and then I realized it was just the magic of Edwyn.