Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Maybe they're more habits but it's muscle memory and all. I like it.

1. Here's how I used to get ready in the morning: Get up, answer e-mail, watch weather, shower, eat, dress, walk dog, feed pets, pack lunch, brush teeth, go to work.

2. Now I have to wear sunscreen and it's fucking everything up because I have to get the toothbrushing out of the way before I walk the dog or else when I rinse I rinse off the chin part of the sunscreen so now it's more like: get up, shower, answer e-mail, watch weather, eat, dry hair, brush teeth, sunscreen, walk dog, feed pets, pack lunch, go to work.

3. When I get to work I start my computer the same way every day: Entourage, iChat, Firefox, iCal, Addresss Book.

4. Within Firefox I'm also highly routine: Mac Mail, Juno e-mail, then a third tab where I check hotmail, then Flickr contacts and then put up my google reader to refer to all day.

5. Feeding the pets is a balancing act because the cats are always starving and therefore very pushy: Pick up dog bowl, get out refrigerated foodstuffs, pick up cat bowls, add raw defrosted food to cat bowls, add probiotics to cat bowls, add calming medicine to one cat bowl, add water or broth to cat bowls, mix cat food up and serve, crush joint meds for dog into powder, add probiotics, mush wet dog food around in that until it's mixed, free kibble from bungeed can where it is protected from the crazy cat, add kibble to dog bowl, add medicated wet food, serve to dog.

6. In the shower I've washed myself pretty much exactly the same way for years, since my mother made a big honking deal of washing your face before your lady parts: wash hair, put on conditioner, shave if necessary, soap body and rinse, rinse conditioner, wash face (face-specific washcloth), wash lady parts (lady parts-specific washcloth), final rinse of conditioner, squeeze excess water out of hair and exit. I can't even begin to explain the drying process.

7. I go to work via a plan every day, just not the exact same route. I walk following the path opened up to me by the changing of he traffic lights until I get to the subway, I ride the express train at the back (in this case not because it's near my exit but because there's a better chance of getting on a clearer car and maybe getting a seat), switch to the local for a stop and walk 2 blocks to work stopping if required to mail my Netflix at the corner.

8. Almost every night I have a pudding cup before bed as a treat.

9. The last walk of the night with the dog is always to the right out of the complex's entrance (unless another dog gets in our way), down to the bank parking lot and back inside. I do not have one of those dogs who goes right out the door and pees at the first tree.

10. Whenever I get a new CD I listen to it once all the way through in order before I add parts of it to playlists or anything.

Are you routine or does it wig you out to do stuff the same way twice?


  1. I love how you put your showering techniques out there! I like to stray from my routines; it keeps me from getting depressed about the monotony of life.

  2. Anonymous10:06 AM

    When I get the train (to work or wherever) I have to sit in the front carriage, on the right hand side, second set of seats from the front, by the window, back to the direction of travel. If I cant get that, then I will make sure I am in the front carriage, with my back to direction of travel.
    If I cant get either of those, then I am VERY uncomfortable for the whole journey.

  3. Elements of my life are exceptionally routine. Large chunks, on the other hand, are impossible to script, since there are so many variables.

    This was a lame answer to your question.

  4. I am a huge routine follower.
    Very Zoolander and cannot go left.
    Trying to get my child to understand this even thought she has all of the traits of an obsessive... has been one of the most difficult challenges of my life.
    She gets routine with food. But not with mornings.
    One end of the towel for the butt and one end for the face when drying. Use the tagged end of the towel for butt.
    Much respect for the pink parts washcloth and face washcloth.
    Do you floss?

  5. If sitting on your butt surfing blogs while you avoid doing real work is a routine, then that would be mine!

  6. Anonymous7:04 PM

    I think you've inspired me to be more mindful of my routine, for which I thank you. I can be a creature of habit but I find that my inconsistency is sometimes the biggest bane of my happiness. That said, schedules make me nuts but I know I have to get over that.. Shit! Where's my palm pilot?

  7. It's weird that I put the showering stuff in there isn't it? But I had to because it's SO ingrained in me!

    Oh Donalbain (love your log in name!), you must be disappointed so often!

    Give us one little routine, Rich! Do you shave left to right or something?

    Gert, for me it's one side of the towel for the face and flip it over for the naughty bits, but same idea.

    Seester, if you read the blogs in order (and I DO) it's totally a routine!

    Happy to help O Mama, don't kill yourself squeezing yourself into a routine, though.