Saturday, January 19, 2008

That'll Be Five Cents Please

I want to blame JJ Abrams for the post apocalyptic nightmares I had this morning but I'm afraid I'll have to pay him royalties.

I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who would, in the middle of the actual apocalyptic events, drive to a friend's house and put on a show.


  1. Did you go to see that movie? I was driving back from the grandparents' last night and listening to a review of it on NPR. The comment by the reviewer (whose opinions I've found to be pretty in line with my own, even if he is a bit more reluctant to suspend disbelief than I am) that made me say "NOPE!" to this film is that it was a sort of "Blair Godzilla Project." The fact that the whole thing, as best I can tell, is shot without the benefit of a steady-cam is enough to keep my butt out of those seats. I hate getting carsick at movies...

  2. I didn't go see it, just seen a lot of ads and trailers. JJ Abrams is a really smart guy. He's the dude behind Alias and Lost. I'm sure whatever he does will be 1000% better than Blair Witch but it will be vomit inducing for the most part. What he's best at, or his team or something, is using the internet and youth and viral marketing to its very fullest potential. Anything you're learning about the movie is coming from his people and then being released into the wild via MySpace and Facebook and other youth-friendly outlets. I'm fascinated by that part of it but think that it probably will be pretty scary. I know that, logically, there won't be enough of NYC left after the tiniest of apocalypses to make a movie about (Will Smith!) but it still scares me to think about.