Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Cleared for Landing

Since you've all been so nice about how pretty my headshot is I felt the need to inject a little of the reality of forehead trough, skin splotch and Super Humid Tuesday hair into the mix. I have so many cowlicks my hair dresser sometimes has to do a shot before cutting my hair.
I got cleared by the dermatologist to go about business as usual with the head. It still looks ghastly to me but Audio Girl (aka Mimi) said it's nearly unnoticeable except for the discoloration. I'm just freaking relieved to not have to wear a band aid on it every day. After the show I'll be making an appointment with a derm I like to do a full body check and to biopsy a wonky spot above my upper lip. Meanwhile may I suggest you buy stock in Neutrogena because with my consumption alone it's gonna skyrocket no matter what happens to the rest of the economy.
I voted. I've never gotten misty in a voting booth before but damn it was hard to just pull the stupid levers. OK, no it wasn't, it was slightly concerning to pull the levers, getting myself to commit the votes and depart from the booth was super hard, Super Tuesday hard. But I did.

While we're on the subject, remember when Miss Rebecca told me about caucusing and she said, "Republicans do it differently I don't know how."? I thought that was just a caucus thing. However, in my booth I voted for a presidential candidate and 5 delegates to send to the convention, because I'm a Democrat. In the Republican part of the ballot, which I'm not supposed to touch, the candidates are there but no delegates. So how does that work? And how come it's different? And does that seem a little sketchy to you that the 2 parties do it differently?
Hey, don't forget about my show, will you? I've stripped off my very thin blogging disguise to promote this show, I'm hoping it works. (That sounds a little dirtier than it was supposed to.)

Oh and while we're talking dirty, did some people not get the joke in this post? If not, here's an explanation. (Middle paragraph. Go here for the punchline in the final paragraph.)


  1. No I don't think it is sketchy. Each party has their own convention for nomination that really doesn't have to follow anyone else's rules.

    I know in our area, Republicans did have to vote for delegates, but only if they were running with opposition. Unopposed delegates don't show up on the ballots. I guess the dems are banking on a more fun party, so they are competing for slots.

  2. I just heard on the radio this morning that the NY Republican primary is a winner take all contest, a straight popularity contest; whereas the Democrats have chosen to mix it up a bit. I think the idea is that a combination gives better representation for minorities. Or perhaps it is because NY has a wide range of communities in different circumstances (e.g., urban, suburban, agricultural, etc). I'm glad to hear you voted.

    Audio Girl is right about the discoloration (at least in the photograph).

  3. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I didn't get the joke, don't watch to much tv. It was funny though! I love that you are dirty!

  4. She is VERY dirty, Auntie. She's where I go when I don't get the joke (though I DID get this one because I lurve Rescue Me...).

    Kizz, I think you look great. I know, having, as I do, a permanent shingles scar on my right cheek, that it's hard to overlook stuff on yourself that other people TRULY don't notice. I'm betting that a little swipe of powder will do wonders at evening out the discoloration, and I'm hoping that your new derm doc is a good one.

    Love you!!

  5. I still maintain that when you are a more famous actress that your scar will be more character to your already overflowing cup.
    I am so jazzed about the up and coming event for you.
    I wish, super giant Genie of the lamp wish that we could all be there to gather round and pat your back and hug your neck on the night!

  6. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Love the pics of you in the post!

    Regarding delegates, at least for the democrats, I think it varies by state. Some states, you get a proportion of delegates based on proportion of votes, some states it's winner take all, some states you get a proportion, but only if you get above a certain percentage of the vote, some states, everyone who gets a certain percentage splits the delegates evenly ... confused yet :-)

  7. I am indeed even more confused now. :)

    Mrs. G, you're so sweet to me.

    Auntie, I love to be dirty! Everyone thinks I'm such a boring girl but can make sailors blush.

    Gert, I only hope people make up interesting stories like they do about Harrison Ford's scar.