Friday, February 15, 2008

Fire Up the Downloading Software of Your Choice!

The strike is over according to Miss Pamie.


I'm probably going to celebrate by watching the first 2 eps of Eli Stone online since I missed them when they aired. Apparently my head was well aired, too, because I couldn't remember to hit record no matter how many times I was reminded.

I don't know much but I know that shows that are heavy on special effects won't be back until the Fall so Heroes fans, keep reading your fanfic, they'll be back next season. Dirty, Sexy Money is also not coming back until the fall, not sure why, maybe actor scheduling. Journeyman, Cavemen, Cane, and Big Shots are among the shows that were given the axe after not gaining a large enough audience before the strike (sorry, not linking since they're canceled, feel free to google, that's all I've been doing). We probably won't see things like Grey's Anatomy again until May. ABC has been stockpiling new episodes of some shows, like Brothers & Sisters, so the tube won't be entirely devoid of fresh content, though.

That doesn't begin to answer all of my questions about different shows so please, if you know anything more, enlighten me in the comments section.

Huzzah! Happy Boob Tube Watching folks!


  1. I was going to email you to find out what news about the strike! YAY!

    I'm pissed about Journeyman. I really liked that show....

  2. Me too. I can't get over that. Why? After letting the generation age that loved Quantum Leap and opeing up a new generation to the beauty of time travel on television with special effects and great writers...
    Why did they cancel it?
    And who cancels them exactly?
    I am pummped about Dexter coming to average Joe TV. Its a great, great Showtime series.
    All who are fans of great serial killer mysteries should jump on.
    Brothers and Sisters give me hope!
    Thanks for sharing all you know Kizz.

  3. Sorry about Journeyman you guys. Keep your eyes peeled for the next couple of months to see if they burn off any leftover episodes.

    Gert, it means that not enough people were watching it. That's what the decision is based on. Very few networks give shows time to build an audience.