Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good Thoughts and Crossed Fingers

Joe the Barber took a spill on the ice last night leaving him with some upsettingly serious injuries. He's been moved to the local big city for extended expert care but I feel like, no matter how many experts he's got, some good old fashioned internet vibes can't hurt. So, please think a good thought every now and then for the man. Less pain and quick recovery are what we're looking for here if you can manage it.



  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Good vibes are on the way!

  2. Anonymous12:18 AM

    While you're at it with the good vibes, send dome off to DC to my good friend, Chad, who I knew was sick with a lingering virus, but I didn't know until today that he'd been sick since the fall, and the virus was in his heart, and hadn't gotten better with drugs, and caused him to need open-heart surgery yesterday, as the virus had caused his heart to enlarge and not fit his valves properly anymore! Supposedly the surgery was a success and he's recovering, but it'll be awhile since he's better. Luckily, and thank goodness, he has health insurance, but it only covers 80% of the bills, so I'm sure he'll owe a lot of money when this is all over ... UGH! Why can't this country stop spending so much money on killing people, and instead spend money on healthcare?!? I mean, who needs all that stress, when you're sick already???? OK. I'm asking for good vibes, and instead I'm spreading angst. Sorry. I'm VERY thankful he survived the surgery and I'm hoping for as good a recovery as possible.

  3. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Oh, and I know you couldn't tell from my last comment, but I am sending off lots of very good vibes for Joe the Barber. I sincerely hope he recovers quickly and as painlessly as possible.

  4. Absolutely. Get well soon Joe!

  5. Oy all the vibe requirements. Feb is turning out to be a pretty difficult month. I'm vibing for everyone we've mentioned and everyone we haven't, just in case.