Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Horns of a Dilemma

New York is part of Super Tuesday and Super Tuesday is today. Very soon I'll be standing in a cool voting booth with my fingers itching to flip one of those extremely satisfying levers. I still don't know which one.

I took a bunch of online surveys to match my views with those of candidates. (By the by, I took one last night and wanted to take it again this morning because I bobbled some answers but I can't find it again. This is why I hate it when people post stuff and then take it down again. I know who posted it and he fucking took it down and I can't find it now.) Sometimes I'm closer to Clinton, sometimes to Obama and then the pendulum swings back again. And I'm not super close to either of them.

I'm a girl, I'd like to support a female candidate. She's got more experience than he does and so far I've more closely matched her views than his overall.

Yet, he's something completely new, he's not corrupted by too much time in the system and he does give me a very general sense of hope.

In the end, though, the red riding hoods are going to put up an older white male and I don't trust America to vote for a woman or an African American over an old white dude. I want to be wrong, I can't believe that we'll have 4 more red years but...

I don't want to vote from a place of negativity either. I hate that part of my voting strategy is to figure out who everyone else is going to vote for. I want to vote my conscience. The signals from my conscience, however, are intermittent at best.

Regardless I do think it's important that I vote. I think it's important that we all vote. If you don't vote you can't complain, right? Right. So I hope that you have voted or that you will vote and I hope that, for all of us, the right candidate wins.


  1. Can you check your history files to see where the survey was? Since I never sign off the internet, my history file is HUGE, but it's broken down into days.

    I'm thinking that, really, I can live with EITHER of the democrats being president but with NONE of the remaining republicans (except maybe Ron Paul, but there's now way in blue hell he's getting elected).

    Now we wait and see...

  2. that should be 'NO way,' by the way. It's early....

  3. Anonymous2:30 AM

    1.) Exactly which elected positions did Hillary Clinton hold before becoming Senator that give her more experience in government than Obama? Before anyone answers, read the question again.

    2.) Ron Paul has accepted money from "White Pride" groups, has KKK members volunteering for him, is vehemently anti-abortion. Just sayin'.

  4. I should probably retract properly but it turns out that the guy didn't delete a post he just posted it in his Flickr stream and I didn't look there.

    Media Guy, she's been a senator longer than he has. She's also been privy to the inner machinations of the highest office. She knows the people and the processes. I think the experience is a blessing and a curse but it's there and it's valid.