Friday, February 01, 2008

I Often Wonder This Myself

There's an interesting discussion over at My Open Wallet about the "right" amount to give to charity. I honestly don't have any idea. I think that, no matter how much I give, it never feels like enough overall and yet I fear giving too much and being left wanting myself which is so not the point know? I always wonder if people are judging how I spend money. When I say, "I'm sorry I can't afford to do that/go there/buy that." I feel like they must be thinking, "But you can afford cable/a computer/a dog/Netflix/to live in NYC?" etc. I am also wildly fascinated by what other people spend their money on. Have you seen how brave people are about taking out home improvement loans? There are some things I'd love to do for my apartment, things that would really improve the old home, but the idea of spending many thousands of dollars on that sort of thing makes me start to hyperventilate a little. My Open Wallet is a newish read for me and I'm enjoying the information a lot.


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  2. I committed fifty bucks to Human Rights Watch. I give a lot to GoodWill and I donate my time to social justice causes.

    I sometimes wonder whether MONEY is really what charities need, you know? I keep thinking about your habit of boxing up leftovers to give to people you pass on the street, and that feels more like REAL charity to me than putting money in their jars would be.