Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Not the Blogger

Chilis, yes (I think) but not Chili.

On Saturday I walked through the greenmarket at Union Square while Pony Express shopped. I thought these were very pretty, they made me feel warmer.

I just got home from rehearsal with Marky B. We did rehearse and we made good progress but there was a certain amount of goofing off. You'll see more about that later. On the train, though, we started to talk about his songs and I was reminded of an older one, one that technically "belongs" to his band, The Right Bastards. It's called Reason and the lyrics aren't on the internet. Perhaps I'll have to transcribe them for you some time. I want to sing back up for it now. Usually Mark sings the lead and his band mate, Scott, sings back up. On the surface the story is about digging up a lover who's been buried in the back yard and I'm excited about changing the background vocals just slightly so that the digger and the buried are singing together.

I'm supposed to be working on the program for next week's show right now. My creative mind is coming up with all sorts of good ideas (write your screenplay! sing back up for Mark! tin foil jewelry!) that I should get on right now instead of doing the program. Sigh.

Going off to do the program now. Like a good girl.


  1. I love that song and I love the premise. I listen to it whenever I have been thinking a lot about the guys buried in my own backyard.

  2. That a lot of hot right there!

    I'm off to listen to the song - it's not familiar enough to me to call it to memory (though you'd think, with the premise of the song, it'd be hard to overlook....)

  3. Chili, especially in light of our recent conversations about buried information, you'd think we'd have the song memorized by now.