Friday, February 22, 2008


Perhaps I will take a snow day today.

It's New York City so 5 inches of snow isn't shutting us down or anything. The subways are running on time and only one community college has called off classes. Gosh it'd be nice to just say, "Screw it" and stay in.

I was planning to go to dance class and then to the camera store to research a new camera and then come home, nothing I can't do another day.

Yet...I already planned to do this stuff! Are you perfectly happy to roll with the punches and change your plans as your feelings change or is it hard for you to change course once you've planned it?


  1. I actually AM cool with changing plans, especially when following through with said plans becomes more complicated, dangerous, or generally sucky...

  2. I will change plans. My problem is that I tend to err on the side of inertia. For example, I might have been looking forward all week to going camera shopping. Then I decide to stay in on a rainy day. But, later, when I want to go shopping again, the chance has passed.

    I repeat this cycle too often. I'm going to at least go out for an hour or so today. Instead of cleaning this house as planned. Tough choice...

  3. Is there alcohol involved? Because if there is I can usually be more open to change.
    But as for the day to day to again quote my friend Greg Zoolander "I cannot turn left." I am dependant on the familiar.

  4. I think that, for me, it depends a lot on how I feel about things at that particular moment. I'm less inclined to change plans at the last minute, for example, when the weather is crappy.

    Having said that, there's a certain amount of adaptability that is required when you have children. I have to be able to roll with things that involve my girls, whether I'd rather do so or not.

    Professionally, I often like to improvise in the moment, but I truly hate it when someone changes things without notice. I rely on the consistency of schedule and daily routine to properly fly by the seat of my pants and, when someone moves things around, it inevitably results in pains in my ass. Did you like the connection of two seemingly unrelated metaphors there? :)

  5. Nice metaphor mixing!

    I continually work on being more amenable to changing plans but man, it's not easy.